Simple Stretch Alleviates Most Lower Back Pain

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Many people who suffer from chronic low back pain visit doctors to receive a diagnosis in hopes of finding a treatment or cure for their low back pain. Unfortunately, many of the those treatments do not address the cause of the pain, the underlying condition, yet only focus on the symptom.

Regardless of the diagnosed condition, most low back pain is caused by imbalances in the muscles that develop and worsen over time. In many cases, patients hips are too tight and strong, while glutes are too weak and stretched. This imbalance pulls the pelvis out of balance,  straining the spines into an excessive curve – leading to the pain. Many find relief simply by relieving the tightness through a simple stretch.

Take a moment to watch this simple stretch that alleviates low back pain quickly.

Now, this stretch will give you some immediate relief by stretching the tight muscles. But to truly correct the problem and stop pain from returning, you must identify and address your muscle imbalances.

Remember, since low back pain is just a symptom, it’s important to hunt for the root causes of your pain. Finding them quickly all starts with addressing your muscle imbalances – which muscles are too tight, and which are too loose.

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Why do traditional lower back pain treatments fail?

Most traditional treatments fail because they simply address the symptoms and fail to address the cause of the condition.

Your low back pain is a physical problem, and it requires a physical solution. There are no pills or injections that can restore postural balance in your body because they are unable to take the pressure off the nerve or make the joints work better. Chiropractors and physical therapists usually offer spinal mobilization, hot packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and therapeutic exercises. Surgery should always be your last option and should only be considered if the severity of your condition warrants it.

You can take control of your treatment

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