My SCARY Halloween Costume (see pictures here!)

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Hey there, having fun is one of the healthiest things you can do to stay healthy…

And THAT’s all the justification I needed for dressing up in this “scary” Halloween costume below and heading to a costume party the other night! :-)

(Not how you’re used to seeing me in our health newsletter, videos, etc. I know… but let me know in the COMMENTS area below what you think!)

Now I may not need to tell you who I am dressed as, because his hilarious “out there” YouTube videos have been viewed by at least tens of millions of people worldwide…

But if you DON’T know who I’m dressed as once you see my pictures below, I’ve included a MUST-SEE video beneath my Halloween costume pictures ↓↓↓

(And if you happen to like the song “Careless Whisper” by George Michael, or even if you don’t, prepare to have the song stuck in your head all day :-) )

What do you think of the NEW Jesse Cannone look below???
And SHARE this with us too… what are the CRAZIEST costumes you’ve ever dressed up in, whether it was as a child, last weekend, or anywhere in between?
Let us know in the Comments below… and Happy Halloween!


Watch the Video Below If You Don’t Know Who I’m Dressed As
(and prepare to have the song “Careless Whisper” stuck in your head all day!)

Now let me know what you think! And SHARE what your CRAZIEST costumes ever were with us too… in the COMMENTS area below! :-)
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  1. Mary says

    Not scary: I am going to my husband’s nursing home this morning to dress him in his Native American regalia from his tribe, complete with black wig (he doesn’t have much hair)
    . I myself am dressed in beige and will wear a black eye patch. Who am I? A Black-eyed Pea!!

  2. linda says

    Hahahahahaha, that was GREAT. I love the song. Cannot believe how little humor some people have though. Hahahahahahahah. I will laugh all day!!!!!! Thank you!

  3. Dreas says

    That was so funny and so improvised! If it could only had 2-3 more minutes of the prankiness. It a keeper video, email, and article.

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