"God In a Bottle"

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What One Customer Called All-Natural Heal-n-Soothe® After He Got Overnight Back Pain Relief

Greg credits Heal-n-Soothe® with ending his back pain and sciatica – overnight!

Greg Moormann isn’t even 60 years old.

But he was one step from a wheelchair due to crippling chronic back pain. And the pain was getting worse.

A professional audio technician and co-owner of CS Gymnastics in Flanders, NJ, Greg relies on his legs to do his work. Except sometimes his legs wouldn’t work right anymore.

“When the severe sciatic condition would kick in it would cause my right leg to go completely numb. I would collapse then have to pull myself up with my arms,” Greg said.

Imagine that happening when you’re up a ladder. Not able to safely conduct his work, Greg had to hire help to do the work he would usually do himself.

Years of chronic back pain and sciatica, multiple doctor visits and a full MRI later, no one had any answers for Greg.

Until he saw an infomercial for Heal-n-Soothe® on TV “by accident.”

You see, Greg was supposed to be enjoying a getaway vacation with his wife. But the pain kept him in the hotel room.

Ready to try anything to get rid of the pain, Greg decided to try Heal-n-Soothe®.

The day the bottle arrived Greg took three capsules in the morning, three at lunchtime and three more before bed. Thinking it might give a little relief like ibuprofen or aspirin, but with less of the nasty side effects, Greg awoke with a surprise.

“I woke up the next morning actually thinking I was dreaming because I had no back pain,” Greg recalled. He told his wife, “I don’t have the pain, the crippling pain, of trying to figure out how to get out of bed.”

After trying everything else he could think of, Greg had finally found relief. He told us that when he got out of bed he was so happy to be out of pain he literally jumped for joy – and he hadn’t jumped in a year!

Greg credits it all to Heal-n-Soothe®. He tells everyone, “This stuff is God in a bottle. It healed me so fast it was like an answer to prayer.”

Today, Greg is back on the job. And if you stop by his gymnastics center you might even find him doing something he could only dream of a few months ago: jumping on the trampoline like a kid.

Hear what Greg has to say about Heal-n-Soothe®


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  1. Lois Higginbotham says

    I agree 100% with Greg. Heal and Soothe helped me more than prescription pain killers did. I take only three a day now. I ran out of my Heal and Soothe because I was giving it to my dog because of his hip pain that the Vet wanted to do surgery on. He is doing great on it and isn’t on the medicine that would have eventually damaged his liver. After the Heal and Soothe was gone, I found out again how much it was doing for my pain. I finally got my automatic refill. What a blessing! Now I need to get two bottles of it instead of one. I am 70 years young and my dog weighs 145#’s. Without Heal and Soothe I would not be able to keep him. Just make sure you take your Heal and Soothe on an empty stomach and don’t eat for at least a half hour afterwards. And drink lots of water with taking it !!

    • Morad Sedrak says

      I am glad it worked for you, however it did not work for me and I am still suffering from elbow and joints pain…I have been on it for one week already.

  2. Steve says


    We would ask you to consider several factors, when assessing your own condition, some you can control and some you can not, those that you can not control are, your age, the amount of time you have been dealing with the condition, the severity level as these all play a role in your bodies ability to heal its self…

    Now if you look at the factors that you can control, your diet, your activity level, your thoughts and feelings about your current condition, as well as the choices you make about how to address this issue…

    I say all of that because, after one week of taking a supplement, it may more may not reasonable to think that the microscope enzymes are going to make difference that fast, for some they do and for others it simple take longer as the enzymes need to do more work…

    So, I would tell you to keep taking the enzymes, and even up the daily dose, of the enzymes to 9 or 12 or even higher, find more ways to be physically active and think positively, and in time there is no way that you can not benefit…


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