General Action Plan

Most back-pain situations that don’t fall into the other categories still are the result of problems in the mind, body, and/or diet—all which are addressed here.

how to live to 100You will be performing your own self-assessment as you go through the steps, which will help you determine exactly what you need to do to feel better, and it also may help point you to one of the other chapters as you learn more about your own condition

Temporary Pain Relief – Action Plan

Read about all the elements of a successful temporary pain relief action plan

These are the three you should begin today, in order of importance

  1. Far infrared heat therapy

  2. Pain-relief cream

  3. Natural anti-inflammatory (e.g., proteolytic enzyme supplements)

Long-Term Relief – Action Plan

  1. Muscle-Balance Therapy

  2. Trigger-point therapy

  3. Inversion therapy

  4. Emotional troubleshooting

  5. Dietary adjustments

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