Back Pain

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Back pain affects at least eighty percent of the general population at one time in their life or another. Fortunately, ninety percent of back pain sufferers recover completely within six weeks. For the remaining ten per cent, back pain can be a frustrating, costly and painful experience. Serious back pain is usually the result of a lower back injury.

Back pain is often difficult to diagnose as muscle spasms from a very simple back strain can cause such serious effects as an inability to walk or stand. Very often the severity of the pain is actually not as severe as the damage present. Conversely, one can function with a herniated disc for years and not feel any pain at all.

In order for your physician to make a proper diagnosis, he must determine whether or not the pain is caused by less serious problems such as an injury to the muscle ligament or tendon or more serious problems such as a bone fracture, tumor or infection of the spinal fluid.

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