Spinal Stenosis

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Over 40 and Mysterious Back Pain Ruining Your Life?

Don’t Begin Any Back Pain Treatment Program Without First Ruling Out Spinal Stenosis

Tons of people each year are diagnosed and treated for sciatic pain and get little relief because the true cause of their back pain is the often undetected, spinal stenosis.

So, if you have been suffering from chronic back pain and nerve pain, have tried numerous treatments with little relief, and are not quite sure what the hell is going on, I suggest you read the rest of this article to learn more about spinal stenosis…

What exactly is spinal stenosis…

Rather than bore you with technical, medical mumbo jumbo… we thought it would be much better for you to read the following articles. They will give you a detailed explanation of what spinal stenosis is and what causes it…

but WAIT… before you go read them, please understand that there is one major thing missing in both of these articles… and I challenge you to see if you can find out what it is. Also, after reading them be sure to come back to this page and read the rest of this article as we’ll cover the one fundamental principle missing from these articles… which by the way are written by the “experts”.


Spine.org – Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

So what did you think of those articles? Helpful? We thought so, however, as we said earlier there is one very important thing missing from both… it’s missing from not only the causes but also the recommended treatments.

So what is it?

Neither of the articles even mentioned the effect of excessive curvature in the spine caused by uneven compression… this often causes both discs and vertebrae to shift and decrease the space in the spinal canal…

So, if excessive curvature in the spine is a contributing factor, which it surely is, why not address that in your treatment plan?

While they do recommend exercise they DO NOT mention at all the importance of choosing the right exercises and stretches which should be based on your specific spinal position…

The excess curve in your spine, is created by imbalances in muscles throughout your body and the only way to address them is to identify exactly which muscles are out of balance, and then perform the specific exercises and stretches for that imbalance.

You can learn more about muscle imbalances, how to identify them, how to correct them, and most importantly, prevent further damage and pain by using our “Lose the Back Pain” system.

This condition is so common in older adults… so much so that many people live with the pain not knowing why and just assume it’s “old age”. If you’ve been diagnosed with spinal stenosis we strongly recommend you take action now to work on correcting your muscle imbalances which will likely lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable life… most importantly, with less pain.

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