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Far Infrared Heat Therapy for Short Term Relief

Lower Back & Butt Pain


For most people, short-term pain relief involves taking some type of anti-inflammatory medication—Advil and Motrin being the most popular over-the-counter versions.

These medications were originally designed to be used only once in a while, but many people now rely on them on a…  read more »

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How to Get Deep Pain Relief the FASTEST (by “Harnessing the Sun”)

deep pain relief


Want to take a permanent vacation… from your pain?

Right now, imagine lying back on the beach… soaking up bright rays of sun without a care in the world. You feel great… and for good reason.

Those wonderful rays of sunshine are warming you from…  read more »

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Back Pain Heating Pad

back pain heating pad

… 8 Features to Look For, 6 to Avoid

When you were a child, did your mother ever fill up a hot water bottle, wrap it in a towel, and place it on your belly if you had a stomachache, or under your…  read more »

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The Most Powerful Chronic Back, Neck, and Leg Pain Relief

If you’re trying to manage chronic back, neck or leg pain this Far Infrared Heating Pad could be the single greatest investment you’ll make all year. If you use it for just a 30 minute session, the pain relief actually lasts for up to SIX HOURS….  read more »

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Far Infrared Benefits

heating pad dangers

Why Far Infrared Heat Stops Pain &
Promotes Healing Far More Than Conventional Heat

You have likely used a conventional heating pad to try to ease your back pain, neck pain, or pain in other parts of your body … only to realize it provides…  read more »

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Hidden Danger of Heating Pads


When your back is aching, heat is a great way to get some relief. But do you know what you’re putting into your body when you use a traditional electric heating pad?

Sure, you’re getting heat which may provide some relief. Unfortunately…  read more »

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Heating Pad for Back Pain?


Heating Pad for Back Pain?

If you’ve ever suffered from any type of back pain, you’ve likely reached for the electric heating pad to soothe your aching muscles. While heat therapy can be helpful at temporarily reducing pain, it doesn’t come without some…  read more »

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The Healing Power of Far Infrared Heat


Hot and cold therapy has been proven effective treatments for back pain. Because of the combined efforts to break the pain-spasm cycles commonly associated with chronic back pain, many pain specialists recommend heat and cold therapy.

Hot and cold therapy treatments come in…  read more »

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