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Lower Back Pain Action Plan



People suffering from general lower-back pain usually complain of a dull, aching feeling; a tight, “locked up” sensation that limits movement; or sharp pains.

Sometimes these sensations are accompanied by radiating pain in the legs and/or feet.

All these symptoms can be caused by…  read more »

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Scoliosis Action Plan

end-neck pain2


Scoliosis describes a curvature of the spine—instead of going straight up and down, it curves laterally to one side or the other between the neck and the tailbone.

Signs of scoliosis include a shoulder blade that juts out, uneven shoulders or hips, a…  read more »

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Short Term Pain Relief Action Plan



A number of back-pain sufferers I work with tell me they’re in way too much pain to take the steps needed for long-term relief.

While they’re looking forward to solving their back pain problem once and for all, they can barely move right…  read more »

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Sciatica Action Plan



The term “sciatica” typically refers to a sharp or steady pain that radiates up and down the back of the leg (i.e., through the hamstring), or “sciatic nerve.”

Pain also can occur in the lower back, buttocks, and feet.

This pain has also been…  read more »

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Herniated Disc Action Plan

herniated disc


A herniated disc occurs when the outer part of the donut-shaped disc between the vertebrae weakens and the inner part (a gel-like substance) protrudes outward, something like when a balloon squeezed from one side.

Typically, people don’t feel any pain until and unless…  read more »

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Neck Pain Action Plan

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Nearly everyone experiences it at some point in their life.

Neck pain can result from accidents or injuries, muscle strain or imbalances, and even simple activities which are repeated over time, like sitting, reading, and working at the computer.

Our bodies are in a…  read more »

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Upper Back Pain Action Plan

upper back pain


If you’re suffering from general upper-back , you’re probably having a hard time doing daily activities like driving a car, working at the computer, or even brushing your teeth.

You may be experiencing headaches or radiating pain into the arms and/or the shoulder…  read more »

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“God In a Bottle”

Greg Moormann

What One Customer Called All-Natural Heal-n-Soothe® After He Got Overnight Back Pain Relief

Greg Moormann isn’t even 60 years old.

But he was one step from a wheelchair due to crippling chronic back pain. And the pain was getting worse.

A professional audio technician and…  read more »

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Two Types of Pain

There are Two Types of Pain: Which are You Suffering From?

Though there are many back-pain conditions, such as sciatica, scoliosis, and a herniated disc, we can narrow them down to two basic categories: nerve-based pain and tissue-based pain.

You may have one or…  read more »

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Six Back-Pain Myths

Six Big Myths About Back Pain

Excerpted from The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

by Jesse Cannone

You’ve probably heard several of these myths spoken as fact. Perhaps you, your friend, or even your doctor has used these personally. To treat back pain, we have to…  read more »

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