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Find Your Muscle Imbalances

Find Your Muscle Imbalances
So you can fix them without surgery, toxic drugs,
or expensive medical treatments


Back pain doesn’t just happen overnight. While the pain may seem to appear suddenly, the fact is, the problem has been developing for months – or probably even…  read more »

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6 Top Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric not only spices up your food, it jazzes up your health


Turmeric has been hitting health news headlines for the past few years as one of the most powerful antioxidants you never knew you needed. But what’s so special about this yellowish-orange root, anyway?

Turmeric has been used by Indian and Asian cultures for…  read more »

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The Little-Known KEY to Strong, Pain-Free Joints: Healthy Chondrocytes


You know how important cartilage is for healthy joints, right?

It’s the cartilage that acts as a cushion so your bones don’t rub together every time you twist, bend or move. When that cartilage deteriorates, as it often does with age or due…  read more »

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I’m not normally a “crybaby,” but I have a powerful story to share below that literally brought tears to my eyes…

After giving a presentation on advanced ways to stop pain to a group of medical professionals, a woman touched my shoulder as…  read more »

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How Your Bed Is Making You Fat

Fat Woman In Bed



Ever feel like anything you do makes you fat?

You might have to add sleep to that growing list…

Don’t get me wrong. Sleep is important for both good health and keeping weight off.

In fact, a large-scale study published in the American Journal of…  read more »

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The Best Mattress for Back Pain

Best Back Pain Mattress & Pillow


If you had to spend 25 years in one place, you’d want to be as comfortable as possible, right?

Believe it or not, the average person spends 25 years in bed, which is why it’s so important to make sure your mattress is…  read more »

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Healing Properties of Jade

Jade Stones

5 Benefits—Including 1 Proven Scientifically!

Even though we are adopting practices like acupuncture and drinking green tea, Westerners tend to be a little bit skeptical of ancient medicinal practices—especially when it comes to healing with crystals and gemstones.

Some say, “It’s just a rock!”…  read more »

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How to Prevent a Broken Hip

Woman walking with cane due to broken hip

The 7 Key Steps

I once asked my grandmother what she thought was the best way to prevent a broken hip.

She immediately responded, “Don’t fall in the first place!”

While her response may have been sarcastic, she has a point. The most common cause…  read more »

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5 WORST Foods for Pain

worst foods for pain


When you think of what to eat for dinner, you probably don’t take your aching joints or throbbing back into account. But you very well should.

The food you eat can play a major role in how you feel – and that includes…  read more »

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Inversion Table Reviews

The Best Inversion Tables (& what to avoid):
A FREE Guide!

Seeking inversion table reviews and a clear, concise guide to the best inversion tables (and what to avoid)?

Then click here now to instantly download the brand new FREE Inversion Table Reviews guide!

The Healthy…  read more »

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