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The Best Inversion Tables (& what to avoid): A FREE Guide! Seeking inversion table reviews and a clear, concise guide to the best inversion tables (and what to avoid)? Then click here now to instantly download the brand new FREE Inversion Table Reviews guide! The Healthy Back Institute is one of the world’s most recognized […]

Inversion Table

… What to Look for, What to AVOID If you’ve been struggling with back or neck pain for some time and have grown tired of conventional drug treatments that only cover up your pain, you may have begun your search for real back pain relief — the kind that actually heals the underlying causes of […]


Have you ever heard of the Dragon Boat Festival? Somehow I never did… until today. Apparently the whole country of China basically shuts down for this huge national shindig every June. Something to do with a patriotic Chinese poet who drowned himself when the king wouldn’t heed his warning about an enemy kingdom next door. […]