Natural Pain Relief Cream for Short Term Relief

For most people, short-term pain relief involves taking some type of anti-inflammatory medication–Advil and Motrin being the most popular over-the-counter versions. These medications were originally designed to be used only once in a while, but many people now rely on them on a daily basis. Considering the dangers–heavy use increases the probability of stomach ulcers […]


I’m not normally a “crybaby,” but I have a powerful story to share below that literally brought tears to my eyes… After giving a presentation on advanced ways to stop pain to a group of medical professionals, a woman touched my shoulder as I was about to head into the bathroom… She smiled, introduced herself […]

Humidity and Pain

… How They’re Linked & How to STOP the Suffering Fast Did you know that The Weather Channel maintains an “Aches and Pains Index” of the United States, which features a map showing where aches and pains are likely to be the highest on any given day? It’s not that they’re psychic … they’re making […]

Here Are 8 of the Most Powerful Pain Relievers You've NEVER Heard Of (Great New Video!)

They’re nature’s “BIG 8″ for providing instant, powerful, and 100% safe pain relief… and some even help heal the underlying causes of your pain… But chances are you haven’t heard of most of these pain relievers. In fact, your doctor likely never even told you about these, either! The good news? As you’ll see in […]

Back Pain Cream …

The Best & The Worst (Including Those Containing a Potentially Life-Threatening Ingredient!)   Chronic pain impacts 116 million Americans — that’s more than the number of people who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.[i] Back pain is by far the most common type of pain, with 27 percent of those who responded to […]

Top 8 Homeopathics for Muscle & Joint Pain (VIDEO)

Most pain relief medications, including over the counter pills widely available on your local grocery store shelves, have dangerous side effects. But doing nothing when you’re in pain isn’t an option for most folks. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to safely, naturally help you get rid of pain. For the […]

Menthol for Pain Relief

Menthol, one of nature’s most effective natural pain relievers, can already be found in products throughout your medicine cabinet, purse, and even your pocket. Fully 3,000 tons of menthol are manufactured every year for products like mouthwash, toothpaste, breath-mints, gum, lip balms and on the list goes. Yet menthol really shines when used in pain […]

Dozens of Health Problems, One Simple Cause

Forward Head Posture is one of the most common postural problems in our so-called “modern” society. In actuality, it is the modern lifestyle that is responsible for it-as we’ll see in a minute. In essence, FHP is the result of either repetitive forward head movement, or the carrying or holding of the head in a position where the ears are forward of the shoulder plum-line.
Proper postural alignment finds ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and ears all falling along the same vertical line. The relatively heavy head must directly rest on the neck and shoulders, like a golf ball on a tee.

An Aspirin a Day Keeps the… Doctor Here to Stay!

We received so much feedback in response to the email I sent recently about the passing of Tim Russert and heart disease that I thought you might find this article about asprin very informative. I hope you enjoy the article… An Aspirin a Day Keeps the… Doctor Here to Stay Heart disease is the leading […]