7 Health Choices You Will Regret in 7 Years

health choices you will regret

Whether you want to admit it or not, the choices you make today are impacting your life in the future. If you’re making healthy choices, you’re probably glad for that fact, but if you’re not, well you’re setting yourself up for some not-so-nice surprises down the road. What’s good about this is that recognizing these […]

5 Books That Changed My Life


If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands who read our health e-newsletter, you’ve heard me say this before: Knowledge is power. Because whether you’re trying to improve your health, relationships, finances, career and business, or your inner-peace and happiness, the best way — the ONLY way — is to expand your knowledge. So on that […]

How Calcium Kills

mineral deficiency

You may have been lead to believe calcium is necessary for strong bones. And it is. But because of our modern diet, you may be getting too much. And that is bad news because excess calcium can cause: Kidney and gallstones Arterial plaque Bone spurs Calcium deposits in tissues other than bones Brain cell dysfunction, […]

New Warning Issued on Epidurals

Every year, millions of Americans have a mixture of corticosteroids and numbing medications injected into their lower backs in an attempt to get rid of back pain (and many more do so to relieve pain during childbirth). The steroids are injected into the epidural space of your spine, which is the area outside of the […]

7-Day Back Pain Cure Recommended Resources

Short-Term Pain Relief Treatments Natural Pain-Relief Supplements Heal-n-Soothe® Heal-n-Soothe® is a combination of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients known to man… and have been scientifically proven to work. And unlike NSAID’s, there are no dangerous side effects… Learn More Here   Super Joint Support® Super Joint Support® combines a unique, synergistic […]

Far Infrared Heat Therapy for Short Term Relief

For most people, short-term pain relief involves taking some type of anti-inflammatory medication–Advil and Motrin being the most popular over-the-counter versions. These medications were originally designed to be used only once in a while, but many people now rely on them on a daily basis. Considering the dangers–heavy use increases the probability of stomach ulcers […]