Back Pain Exercises

You’ve likely found this post because you are searching for information on “back pain exercises”… Well, first, let me say that most back pain can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated with exercise… However, the key is knowing which exercises are going to help and which are going to hurt. It’s true, some back pain […]

Hurt Back? How Exercises Can HURT Your Back

Walk into the office of virtually any doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist with a back pain complaint and chances are you’ll return home with the same sheet of paper they give to every patient who walks through their door. On it you’ll find various back pain exercises and stretches illustrated.

Pelvic Instability Causes Back Pain?

Before we get into the information you need to know about pelvic stability and its relation to back pain, let’s do a little experiment first. Take off your shoes and walk around the room for a moment, as you normally would. Don’t attempt to stand taller than you usually do and don’t take steps more […]

Do you know how to break the Vicious cycle of pain?

As part of the Fibromyalgia Fix we are offering For FREE The complete Physical and Spiritual Guide to Healing Chronic Pain of any kind… BackAches, Sciatica,HeadAches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and of course Fibromyalgia It is the total Self care guide, here are just some of the topics… * An Uncomfortable Reality: Clarifies why conventional medicine […]

Bodybuilding “Sins” That Hamper Your Efforts

No one is immune from back pain, whether you lead an inactive life that involves watching television and “vegging out” or if you hit the gym every day in an effort to perfect your body. In fact those who are most physically active–athletes and bodybuilders–are perhaps more susceptible to back pain that can take you […]