Lower Back Pain Action Plan

People suffering from general lower-back pain usually complain of a dull, aching feeling; a tight, “locked up” sensation that limits movement; or sharp pains. Sometimes these sensations are accompanied by radiating pain in the legs and/or feet. All these symptoms can be caused by imbalances within your physical body, mind (e.g., stress), and/or diet. Lower […]

Are You Suffering from SI Joint Dysfunction?

If you’re suffering from sacroiliac joint dysfunction, you already know how painful and frustrating it can be. Doctors may have prescribed toxic pain killers, or even surgery. Since these address only the symptoms (the pain), but leave the cause of the pain unaddressed, you’re likely still in pain. In this free video, I show you […]

Lumbar Pain

… The Top 7 Causes and #1 Solution It’s estimated that 80 percent of people will experience lumbar pain at some point during their lives. This pain, which occurs in the lumbar region of the back (your lower back), often starts out suddenly and becomes a chronic problem that

Lower Back Pain Relief

… The 9 Best Solutions Looking for lower back pain relief? Join the club … millions of Americans are members of the “back pain club” and they’re paying big time to be members, both in quality of life and expenses. One classic JAMA study revealed that Americans spent $85.9 billion on back pain relief in […]

Lower Back Pain

… The Top Solutions, Causes, and Symptoms About 25 percent of Americans experience lower back pain every year, and virtually everyone will suffer from a significant back pain episode at least once. In fact, the fifth most common reason for all physician visits in the United States is — you guessed it — lower back […]

Lower Back Pain Partner Stretches

Tight muscles are a frequent cause of lower back pain. Most of the lower back pain cases we see are the result of muscle imbalances that cause a postural dysfunction called a forward tipping pelvis. This is common in large part to how many of us sit all day long working at a desk or […]

Chiropractic Lower Back Pain Surprise

A chiropractor is often the first choice for those seeking relief from lower back pain. And for good reason. Chiropractic is a natural and non-invasive form of therapy that allows your body to naturally heal itself by removing interferences in the nervous system caused by spinal misalignments, called subluxations. But is a chiropractor really your […]