Upper Back Pain Action Plan

If you’re suffering from general upper-back , you’re probably having a hard time doing daily activities like driving a car, working at the computer, or even brushing your teeth. You may be experiencing headaches or radiating pain into the arms and/or the shoulder blades. You may have had muscles “lock up,” making it nearly impossible […]

Upper Back Pain

… The Top Solutions, Causes, and Symptoms Unlike your lower back, which provides a great deal of mobility for movement, your upper back is relatively stable, providing support for standing upright and protecting your heart, lungs and other vital organs in your chest. Because movement is limited, injury and degeneration is far less common than […]

School Backpacks: Hurting Our Kids?

  Every fall millions of American children and teenagers return to school. And like clockwork, hundreds of articles and news stories expounding the potential dangers of kids backpacks return to virtually every newspaper, television station and news website. Are backpacks really hurting our kids? Should parents lie awake at night concerned the backpack they just […]

Top 8 Homeopathics for Muscle & Joint Pain (VIDEO)

Most pain relief medications, including over the counter pills widely available on your local grocery store shelves, have dangerous side effects. But doing nothing when you’re in pain isn’t an option for most folks. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new ways to safely, naturally help you get rid of pain. For the […]

Dealing with an Upper Back Pinch

You know the feeling. A pinch between the shoulder blades. It Simply tilting your head all the way back is painful. And that crick in your neck when you turn your head, ouch! Whether you sit all day at a desk working on a computer or use your neck and shoulders all day like a […]