Inspiring Tribute to Soldiers (and Their Families)…

“Freedom is not free”… Those are the words inscribed on a famous wall that you’ll see at the conclusion of this very inspiring tribute to fallen soldiers — and their families — below (created by Brian Vaszily… founder of The Creative Genius Institute, a member of the U.S. Navy himself before a medical discharge in […]

Top 7 Tips to Fight Fatigue

A survey of more than 1,100 U.S. workers conducted in November 2013 found that a staggering 76 percent said they feel tired most days of the week. Another 40 percent said they fall asleep during the day at least once per month and 15 percent said they doze off during the day at least once […]

Now They're Banning Vitamins?!?

Big Pharma has only ONE goal: protect profits at all costs. It doesn’t matter that patients only have symptomatic improvement instead of real healing. The goal is to keep them buying their drugs at the highest price possible for as long as possible. A real cure – for cancer, pain, whatever – isn’t in their […]