How Often Should You Have a Bowel Movement?

… And the RISKS of Infrequent and Frequent Bowel Movements If you’ve never given your bowel movements a second thought, it’s probably a sign that your digestive process is running smoothly. Because if you suddenly become irregular, or have the opposite problem with too frequent trips to the bathroom, you’ll be so uncomfortable that your […]

Back Pain's Dirty Word

  It’s a dirty word, but somebody has to say it: constipation. That’s because extra abdominal gas and fecal matter can create enormous pressure on your spine. Think of it… if you only have one bowel movement a day, there could be as many as eight meals backed up in your bowels. Here’s a few […]

Constipation: How to Get and Stay "Regular"

  Death begins in the colon. And constipation is a major warning sign of trouble. Constipation isn’t just when you feel pressure to have a bowel movement but can’t go, either. Infrequent bowel movements (three or less per week) as well as straining or a sensation of hardened stools during more than a quarter of […]