Natural Sleep Aides

Studies show that few things are more detrimental to you than a lack of solid sleep. Lack of sleep can lower your immune system and increase your likely hood of being depressed, sick and also places your body under tremendous stress. There are many factors that make it difficult for people to get consistent quality sleep. Let’s investigate the external and internal reasons why you may be having a hard time staying asleep. Then, we can look at natural sleep aides that can help you get a little more shut eye.

How Natural Sleep Aids Work

Sleepless nights happen to the best of us. They may be caused by a variety of factors such as a brand new baby, an important presentation, aches and pains in the body, insomnia or stress and worry. But in all of these cases, one thing is for certain; a night without sleep can be torture and seem endless.

Alternative Therapies for Sleep

This week on CNN Health, sleep doctor Lisa Shives, M.D. reported the results of a new study published in the April issue of Sleep Medicine Reviews. According to the study, which reviewed 20 comprehensive studies of eight different complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments for sleep disorders, several therapies hold promise for the sleep deprived. […]

End Insomnia at the Source

By Jesse Cannone Your body needs adequate sleep as much as it needs good nutrition and exercise to stay healthy. Although sleeping aids can help you get a good night’s rest, the best long-term course of action for chronic sleeplessness is to tackle the problem at the source. A few months ago I shared some […]

Sleep Your Way to Better Health!

Sleep is not only a fundamental human need… it is a necessity that no one who experiences aches or pains of any kind should take for granted. It is so important, in fact, that our bodies are programmed to shut down before…

The Danger Of Poor Sleep

Nothing feels better than waking up fully refreshed after a good night of sleep. It would be great if each one of us could get the doctor recommended 7 to 8 hours each night, but life often makes that virtually impossible. Between late nights at the office, familial obligations and post-work relaxation we’re lucky to […]