9 Odd but Common Things that HURT Your Workout


Everyone has “on” days and “off” days, but if you’re “off” at the gym you’ll likely be wasting both your time and energy. Finding the time to work out is one of the biggest hurdles people face in fitting in exercise, after all, so when you make the time to do it, you want to […]

50 Most Amazing Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is good for you … but chances are you have no idea how good it actually is. If exercise were a pill, let’s just say it would easily become the best-selling drug in the world because it prevents disease, slows aging, boosts your mental health and makes for a more attractive physique.

The Best Exercise for Joint Pain

If you have joint pain, as an estimated 30 percent of Americans do,[i] the aching and throbbing may make even basic tasks like tying your shoes, taking a walk around the block, or cutting up a tomato painful. As a result, you may find yourself moving less and less. While this might feel better temporarily, […]

Dangerous Exercise – 5 Fitness Moves to AVOID

  Even the classic exercises that you thought were “safe” may be slowly damaging your joints–whether you can feel it or not. You don’t have to completely blow out your knee to damage it. In fact, it’s almost too easy to injure your joints, back and neck during exercise without knowing it. That’s why today […]

The POLITICALLY INCORRECT Truth Behind Beginner Workouts

  By Craig Ballantyne, CTT Certified Turbulence Trainer… Don’t Miss Craig’s 4 Beginner FAT BURNING Workouts… Click Here! “I can’t start a workout program. I’m way too much out of shape.” I’ve heard that excuse way too many times… I’ve also seen way too many beginners say they need to start on the treadmill and […]

Workout Recovery: The 4 Fastest & Best Ways

Working out doesn’t have to mean pain and aching muscles. That’s the stereotypical experience. You hit the gym hard and you hurt for days. As soon as you feel better, you repeat the process. But that’s not a good way to stay in shape. In fact, that on-and-off cycle of a heavy workout followed by […]

20 Dumbbell Exercises for Blazing Fast Weight Loss!

By Craig Ballantyne, CTT Craig Ballantyne is “Men’s Health” fitness expert, a GQ model, and Certified Turbulence Trainer at TurbulenceTraining.com. While most people think of dumbbells in terms of gaining muscle, there is an after-burn effect your body goes through after you train with dumbbells that leads to rapid weight loss. Cardiovascular exercises have their […]