Yes, This Form of Exercise Can Help Your Back Pain!

If you’re fed up with your aching back, put down your painkillers (and certainly postpone any invasive procedures like steroid injections or back surgery) and put on your workout clothes. Exercise, in general, is wonderful for back pain (both prevention and relief), but today I want you to consider one specific type that shows particularly […]

The 5 Myths of Pilates: Great Exercise or Hyped-up Trend?

The Top 5 Myths of Pilates by Darlene Nicholson, CFT 1. Pilates is only for women. WRONG! Though it is quite popular amongst women, many males also practice Pilates. Even professional athletes have used Pilates to achieve results that other types of exercise have failed to deliver.  In fact, Pilates was developed by man named […]

Pilates for Back Pain?

Laughs aside, is pilates good if you suffer from back pain? Yes and no… it all depends on if the exercises and movements you perform are strengthening the areas where you are weak and stretching the areas where you are tight… Because if not, it can makes things worse for you. In order to know […]