The (Positively) Life-Changing Power of 3 Simple Words

benefits of saying I am sorry

We’re often told to “forgive and forget,” a concept that is much easier said than done, especially if you’re the one who’s been wronged. New research, however, has identified a simple way to make forgiving much easier, and it involves just three words: I am sorry. The study involved 337 participants who had recently been […]

Happiness is Key to Health — Studies Prove It

Here at The Healthy Back Institute, we’re dedicated to helping you live a pain-free AND happy life. I stress happy because, really, it’s all about the quality of your life as much as the quantity, right? But did you know the two actually go hand in hand? The happier you are the healthier you’re likely […]

Long Term Pain Relief – Emotional Troubleshooting

If you’ve used the combination of Muscle-Balance therapy, trigger-point therapy, and inversion therapy for several weeks and you’re still experiencing pain, it may be time to evaluate your emotional state of mind. I’ve found that, in most cases, if someone is not feeling a lot better by the time they’ve adopted these three therapies–particularly if […]

How to Get Over a Fear: 6 Interesting, Proven Ways

If you have a strong fear or phobia, exposing yourself to it over and over — known as exposure therapy — is a common form of treatment. Essentially, exposure therapy desensitizes you to the fear so that it no longer provokes such a strong response. Recent research even showed that being exposed to your fear […]

Be Fake! The Real Benefits of Fake Smiles

In 1872, Charles Darwin wrote:[i] “The free expression by outward signs of an emotion intensi­fies it.” This is among the earliest references to the significant benefit of a fake smile, as donning a grin — even if you’re not necessarily happy — may impact your emotions in a very good way.

Fear Feeds Your Physical Pain (new study!)

If you suffer from chronic low back pain, have you ever instinctively stopped yourself from bending in a certain way because you know it’s going to hurt? Virtually everyone with back pain has, and while it may seem harmless or even protective, this hesitation is actually detrimental to your back health. Fearing the suffering linked […]

Ignatia Homeopathy

8 Top Benefits of this Ancient Stress Pain Reliever Ignatia has been valued since ancient times for its calming effects on the nervous system. This natural, homeopathic remedy comes from the seeds of the St. Ignatius bean, which are found on the Strychnos ignatia tree common to the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Moodiness – The Causes and Top Cures

One minute you’re happy, the next you feel like you’re ready to explode out of anger, burst into tears, climb the walls out of anxiousness — or all of the above. Moodiness is something we all struggle with from time to time, but if your mood swings are extreme (i.e. they’re making your life, or […]

The Many Benefits of Laughter

Humor as Medicine At the beginning of my shift, I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient’s anterior chest wall. “Big breaths,” I instructed. “Yes, they used to be.” Bet you couldn’t help but laugh, even a little… Or could you? If a smile or chuckle was your first response, the […]

10 Most Depressing Cities in the U.S.

Whether it’s because “birds of feather flock together” … or due to external factors like weather and unemployment rates, certain regions of the country seem to have more than their fair share of suicide, antidepressant use and other poor markers of mental health that indicate depression. Can where you live really make or break your […]