Is Atrazine In Your Drinking Water?

  Fluoride isn’t the only chemical in drinking water to get national attention lately. The EPA has been under fire because of widespread contamination of atrazine–one of the most commonly used weed-killers in the United States. How widespread? Chances are if you live in the U.S. it’s in your water now. The chemical has been […]

How to Rid Your Body of Toxins

Your body is a temple, but sadly it’s likely a heavily polluted one. No matter how healthy you eat and how “clean” you try to live, toxins are difficult  – if not impossible — to escape. They’re found in food and water; they exist in your home’s carpeting, dust and couch cushions; they’re in your […]

Aflatoxin in Food

5 Health Risks of This Deadly Mold Toxin & The 7 Foods with Highest Aflatoxin Contamination You’d never knowingly put poison in your mouth, but when it comes to aflatoxin in food, what you don’t know is exactly what’s making you sick. Aflatoxin is a dangerous plant mold byproduct so widespread the Food and Drug […]

Fluoride in Water: 2 Benefits and 4 Big DANGERS…

It’s in food. It’s in beverages. It’s in baby formula. It’s in the toothpastes, mouthwashes and other oral care products you use on a daily basis. And chances are it’s in your drinking water, too. Fluoride, or what scientists are calling “an emerging neurotoxin,” is present in the drinking water of over 204 million Americans… […]