Arsenic In Your Organics?

New Study Warns YES! Shocked by recent warnings about arsenic hiding in some popular foods you eat? Turns out this is even the case with some “safe” organic foods, including organic brown rice syrup — an increasingly popular substitute for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) — that is easily found at many grocery stores these […]

Are Pesticides Harmful?

(Includes a Girl’s Shocking Science Project You’ve Got to See!) It’s amazing that we still have to ask the question, “Are Pesticides Harmful?” According to a recent “talking heads” editorial comparing the pros and cons in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, however, the debate rages on as our environment worsens every day… One side uses recent studies […]

Why Is Arsenic Hiding In These Popular Foods?


More Dangerous Chemicals Hiding in Your Food! First, it was a flame retardant hiding in your soft drinks. Now, health experts are wondering why arsenic is hiding in your rice and fruit juices too. Recent Consumer Reports testing discovered double-digit amounts of arsenic and lead above federal standards in a portion of the 88 samples […]