When Pain Impacts Your Libido

By Susan Bratton Pain can severely impact your libido, but it doesn’t have to destroy your intimacy. Pain numbs your sex drive because desire is “life force.” Desire can get used up battling illness or negative emotions. Pain medications, including anti-depressants that use SSRI’s produce a state of satiety due to raised serotonin levels which […]

10 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Libido

Doing It The Natural Way Low libido is a common condition among both sexes. Studies have found more than 40 percent of women complain about having low sexual desire at some point in their lives, while others report about 20 percent of all men have a low sex drive. There’s plenty of reasons why most […]

Pain-Free Sex With Back Pain

If you’ve ever had back pain you know that it’s difficult to perform non-strenuous activities like walking and sitting, so more vigorous activities such as sex often have to take a back seat until the pain subsides. This can place unnecessary pressure on a relationship as intimacy takes a backseat to pain. You should not […]