The Best and Worst Climates for Pain

best worst climates for pain

The next time you check the weather, you should also check out The Weather Channel’s aches & pains forecast. Yes, there really is such a thing, and you can either search by your zip code or check out the National Aches & Pains map. Depending on factors such as chance of precipitation, barometric pressure, absolute […]

How Technology is Causing You PAIN …

Are you reading this article on a computer? Take a moment to think about your posture. Are you sitting with your head held forward and your shoulders and upper back rounded? This is incredibly common … and it’s also a major source of back and neck pain. Among teens, even, frequent computer use increases the […]

Pineapples to Stop Pain? (And an Awesome Grilled Pineapple Recipe!)

There’s good reason why Hippocrates said “let food be thy medicine,” as housed inside perfect ‘packages’ like pineapples are amazing, complex substances that can nourish and heal your body. Inside pineapples, especially the core and stem, is bromelain, a mixture of proteolytic enzymes that has been used for centuries to treat indigestion and reduce inflammation.[i] […]

Ankle Pain? 7 Best Steps to Heal It!

Your ankles are one of your body’s key weight-bearing joints, responsible for providing stability and movement while standing or walking. As a hinged joint, your ankle is susceptible to injury during virtually any type of activity, including sports and exercise and even while simply walking or climbing stairs.

Would YOU Trade 15 Minutes of Your Day for Less Pain?

It is easy to dismiss meditation as just another ineffective alternative medicine, but even the most skeptical scientific minds are beginning to see that there is something to the idea that meditation can help to make us feel healthier. Recent research has proven that even beginners can relieve their chronic pain, stress or depression by […]