How Artificial Intelligence Will Extend Your Life

By David Kekich - CEO, Maximum Life Foundation Imagine a technology that could search and process hundreds of millions of pages of data in 3 seconds… that a human being would take centuries to accomplish. What impact do you think that would have on breakthrough nutritional supplements and safe drug discoveries? Read on to see how what […]

The #1 Worst Food for Your Bones

. by Vivian Goldschmidt, founder of Save Our Bones and creator of Save Our Bones Program To be frank, this topic is a bit polarizing. At last count, it’s created a firestorm of over 1,500 comments on our website. If you want to keep your bones strong and give them the calcium they need, then […]

4 Surprising Foods That Build Bones

  By Vivian Goldschmidt, MA If you have osteoporosis, your doctor has most likely prescribed you a drug such as Fosamax, its generic counterpart alendronate, or others from their vast – and still growing – drug menu. And chances are, you’re worried about the drug’s side effects and overwhelmed by all the confusing information that’s […]

10 Most Powerful PROVEN Ways to Boost Memory

  Forget about age-related memory loss or feeling like you’re walking around in a clueless fog. Both can be eliminated using the best memory boosting techniques proven by science. It’s not about tying a string around your finger or carrying around multiple to-do lists. In fact, boosting your memory has more to do with your […]

How to Avoid Falling

8 Key Steps (No Pun Intended!) to Avoid Falling Down & Resulting Serious Injuries! How to avoid falling? Considering today’s longer life expectancies and the stampede of Baby Boomers headed toward retirement and seniordom, this is an important and evermore popular topic. And make no mistake! Because of the serious health risks involved, learning how […]