How to Remove Grease from Pans … and 14 Other Natural Cleaning Tips!

Is the cabinet under your kitchen sink overflowing with cleaning sprays, powders and scrubs that claim to ‘cut grease’ and ‘remove stains’ like magic … yet typically fail to deliver? Not only are most commercial cleaners costly, but they often work no better than cleaners you could make, for pennies, using ingredients you probably already […]

6 Most INSANE Outdated Medical Procedures and Advice

When you visit your doctor you expect to be getting the best advice and treatments that modern medicine has to offer. But the term ‘modern medicine’ is all relative — and doesn’t necessarily equate to the ‘best’ care. For instance, morphine, opium, arsenic and mercury are all examples of what were once ‘modern-day’ cures. Decades […]

Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief

Join Dr. Mark Wiley in Helping the Philippines Doubtless by now you’ve heard of the devastation Typhoon Haiyan wrought on the Philippines recently (known as Typhoon Yolanda there). Over 10,000 people are thought to have perished in the storm. But literally millions more are at risk right now. Lack of food, water, shelter and sanitation […]

Health and Wellness SUCCESS in 2013

Accomplishments and a BIG Thank You… Our mission is to give you the most beneficial, proven insights and solutions you won’t find elsewhere to end pain and optimize your health… …Insights that will make a direct and dramatic impact on your personal well being. And safe, natural solutions for getting pain relief, improving your health and […]

Lightning Deaths

The 12 Most Common Activities Associated With Deadly Lightning Strikes Getting struck by lightning is rare … but it’s not impossible. You’re actually far more likely to be struck by lightning (odds are 1 in 1 million) than you are to win the Mega Millions lottery (odds are 1 in 176 million).[i]

How to Improve Focus – Top 10 Tips

Your ability to focus is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it will get. So, if you lack the ability to concentrate right now, take heart. You’re definitely not alone. However, if you’ll these simple tips for improving focus you’ll find it a lot easier to work more efficiently, more often. […]

Get Ready for the Coming Crisis

  Today’s post is going to be quite different. And I’ll warn you right up front it might make you a little uncomfortable. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say if you’ve believed your whole life that the government will always be there to take care of you… …that there’s nothing you can’t […]

How to Shop for Groceries

9 Big Tips to Save Your Health and Your Money How to shop for groceries probably seems like a no-brainer … but walking into a grocery store is a bit like stepping into a lion’s den. While you’re not likely to be eaten alive, you are likely to be completely overtaken by the alluring displays […]