The Heart Attack On Your Wall

Imagine a technology capable of altering your heartbeat without your knowledge. It doesn’t make a sound, but in as little as 100 seconds it can alter your body’s natural ability to faithfully pump blood throughout your body. Over time, it can shift your heartbeat until — seemingly out of the blue — you have a […]

Should Marijuana Be Legal?

  The 5 Biggest Pros and 5 Biggest Cons Should marijuana be legal? That’s a question discussed even during the current U.S. Presidential campaign. In some states and countries marijuana, or Cannabis sativa, is now legal or at least decriminalized for medical use. This November, voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will consider making marijuana […]

3 Drug Company Propaganda Techniques to BEWARE Of Most

Does your doctor give you medicine because you need it, or because Big Pharma paid him off? If you’re not already asking this question, you should be. Drug company propaganda techniques shape both healthcare law and private physician practices. What happens in the examination room could very well be dictated by lobbyists, sales reps, bribes […]

1.5 Million Dangerous Medication Errors Yearly!

The 9 Keys to Preventing Risks to You Have you or a loved one ever been harmed by a dangerous medication error? Considering an Institute of Medicine report that concluded at least 1.5 million Americans are harmed, sickened or killed annually due to errors made in prescribing, dispensing or taking a pharmaceutical drug — a […]

Beware! Suppressed Drug Research is Out of Control

Putting You at Greater Risk Suppressed drug research is running rampant, according to new data… and that puts YOU at grave risk! Even clinical trials funded by the federal government are shelved at the request of Big Pharma, according to recent reports from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal-Sentinel. So why do federal […]

They May Shut Down This Site…and YOUR Freedom!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: WE HELPED TO STOP SOPA DEAD IN ITS TRACKS! BUT… When we published this post below, many thousands of readers took action, joining millions more from across the Internet … and together WE DID IT! Due to our collective protests against it, SOPA — the bill you will read about below that […]

Armed Chinese Troops in Texas!

Well this amazing video really speaks for itself! Watch out for the big buzzword that opponents of these ideas love to throw around to scare people into submission: ISOLATIONISM. Because… “Shutting down military bases and ceasing to deal with other nations with threats and violence is not isolationism. It is the OPPOSITE. Opening ourselves up […]