The 3 Best Core Exercises

  (Avoid Back Pain & Lose Weight With These Moves!) After almost two decades of working in fitness, personal training, bodybuilding, and rehabilitation, I’ve found one thing to constantly be true: People with back pain almost always have weak core muscles. That’s because core strength is essential to keeping your body balanced while giving your […]

Homeopathy: The Wisdom of Symptoms

  By Dana Ullman, M.P.H. Editor’s Note: Don’t miss Jesse’s special one-on-one interview with Dana Ullman all about homeopathic medicine! See how to listen free at the end of this article! Have you ever wondered what that stuff is coming out of your nose when you have a common cold? Such nasal discharges are composed of […]

The 9 TIMELESS Secrets of Being Happy

Whether you’re seeking to improve your health, wealth, career, relationships or quality of life… or you’re seeking to overcome barriers to these goals like pain, disease, weight issues, anxiety or other emotional blocks… you’re ULTIMATELY seeking greater happiness… Well Brian Vaszily — a #1 bestselling author, founder of The Creative Genius Institute, and proud member […]

Natural Pain Relief for Dogs

Dog lovers fondly recall when their dog was just a bounding puppy… an unruly yet loveable little ball of fur. At that point her biggest needs were paper training, obedience training and lots of love and patience. As she grows older, she still needs lots of love and patience. And just like the rest of […]

Here Are 8 of the Most Powerful Pain Relievers You've NEVER Heard Of (Great New Video!)

They’re nature’s “BIG 8″ for providing instant, powerful, and 100% safe pain relief… and some even help heal the underlying causes of your pain… But chances are you haven’t heard of most of these pain relievers. In fact, your doctor likely never even told you about these, either! The good news? As you’ll see in […]