Homeopathy: The Wisdom of Symptoms

  By Dana Ullman, M.P.H. Editor’s Note: Don’t miss Jesse’s special one-on-one interview with Dana Ullman all about homeopathic medicine! See how to listen free at the end of this article! Have you ever wondered what that stuff is coming out of your nose when you have a common cold? Such nasal discharges are composed of […]

How to Heal Yourself With a "Fake" Cure

  Could this be a new age of medicine? Top doctors and researchers have stumbled upon a potential cure for numerous ailments — including cancer, heart attack, and Parkinson’s disease. And no one could be more surprised than the doctors themselves. What makes their discovery so shocking is the patients who are getting better were […]

The Secret Reason You're Still In Pain

  “Nothing works. I just can’t get rid of this pain.” Ever say something like that? Then I’m willing to bet you’ve missed the most important aspect of getting pain relief. Or for that matter, getting ANYTHING you want in life. How’s that? You’ll find out in the interview I did with life coach Steve […]

The Last Step to Ending Pain

Ever notice how the truth often hurts? I sure do. That’s because what I’m about to share with you hurt a bit when I first heard it. Because it’s the truth. And every time I share it with others, a handful of people get quite angry. Why? It’s not really me they’re angry at. They’re […]

Push-Button Stress Relief

Stress relief made easy Stress is a killer. It directly affects not only your mental state but your physical health. Just for starters, stress is associated with every one of these conditions: Headaches Back pain Heart disease Depression Obesity Insomnia Sexual dysfunction   Of course, you probably already knew all that. But what if… with […]

Water Exercises for Back Pain

By Steve Hefferon, CMT, PTA Remember when you were a kid and loved to play in the water? Well, that’s actually a great idea still… especially if you’re suffering from back pain. Water supports your body as you move around which makes the pool an excellent place to relieve some of the pressure and stress […]

Are You a Winner or a Loser?

By Jesse Cannone I received this amazing checklist from success coach Steve Chandler today, who received it from martial artist Peter Ragnar. As soon as I saw this I immediately thought of you. Every single item on the list below could easily be applied to any area of your life: Relationships Business Sports Health Spiritual […]

Seven Back Pain Mistakes

Frustrated by back pain that just won’t go away? More than likely you’ve made one or more of these 7 Back Pain Mistakes: Mistake #1: Continuing to do what doesn’t work Mistake #2: Not dealing with pain the first time Mistake #3: Thinking you’re too fit to have back pain Mistake #4: Treating only the […]

Too Much Calcium!

“Drink your milk”… “it does a body good”…. “you need to get your calcium”… You’ve heard these all before, maybe even said it to your children, family or friends… but guess what, it’s all WRONG! Yes, wrong and more and more research is finally exposing the “Calcium Lie”… Download Too Much Calcium! (mp3 format) (click […]