Do You Really Want to Get Rid of Your Pain?

Most people say they want to get rid of their pain, but they really don’t. For some reason, they just really aren’t ready… otherwise they would have done it already or at least be actively working on it… relentless in their determination to get their life back. Many of these people claim that if they […]

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Causes of Chronic Back Pain Learn what really causes chronic back pain and sciatica and how to finally get lasting relief when you listen to this audio interview radio host and personality, John Melley and back pain relief expert, Jesse Cannone. Jesse Cannone and John Melley Interview – Part 1 Jesse Cannone and John Melley […]

Stress and Back Pain

Don’t Let Stress Keep You in Pain Stress can do far more damage to your health than just make your shoulders and upper back tight. Few people realize that stress can not only cause many different health ailments like back pain, but it can also keep you in pain and prevent your body from healing. […]