Neck Pain Action Plan

Nearly everyone experiences it at some point in their life. Neck pain can result from accidents or injuries, muscle strain or imbalances, and even simple activities which are repeated over time, like sitting, reading, and working at the computer. Our bodies are in a sitting position often throughout the day. We eat, drive, read, watch […]

Neck Pain Stretches with a Partner

Neck Pain Stretches with a Partner? Learn how to stretch your neck and relieve neck pain by using a partner. Dr. Mark Wiley, author of Arthritis Reversed, shows an excellent stretch that also releases the trigger point causing pain. Learn more at

Shoulder stretches and exercises

Simple shoulder stretches can help you reduce or eliminate pains in the upper back neck and shoulder area. Back pain expert Steve Hefferon shows you how. ELIMINATE Shoulder & Neck Pain with the Healing Power of the SUN ^^^ click here to see now! ^^^

Neck Pain?

5 Surprising Ways to Heal the Hurt… You’ve tried everything to get rid of your neck pain: physical therapy, chiropractors, cortisone shots, prescription pain pills — you name it, you’ve done it. So why does your neck still feel like it’s stuck in a vise that’s being turned tighter and tighter? Notice that all of […]

What is Facet Joint Syndrome?

The facet joints in your spine act like hinges, linking your vertebrae together. Each joint is surrounded by connective tissue, ligaments and synovial fluid, and coated with cartilage, that helps to lubricate the joint for easy, pain-free movement. Your facet joints are incredibly important, as they provide strength and flexibility to your spine, while allowing […]