Spinal Fusion Surgery

What You REALLY Need to Know If you’re dealing with severe, chronic back pain, and medications have failed to give you relief, you may have been advised to consider spinal fusion surgery. But there are important facts you must know before you go under the knife …

Dangerous Objects Left INSIDE Patients During Surgery!

and Other Way-Too-Common Surgical Mistakes “Trust me, I’m a doctor!” It’s frightening to think of the errors, mistakes, and “accidents” that happen because doctors insist on your unquestioning trust. Unfortunately, surgeons and their teams are all too human. Take the case of a woman who had surgery at Nassau University in 2008. The operating team […]

Why Are You REALLY Having Back Surgery?

  There’s a reason you’re scheduled for back surgery. Perhaps you’ve been told surgery is necessary to repair a herniated disc, fuse some troublesome vertebrae together, or some other reason. But what you may not have been told is how frequently back surgery is recommended… simply because of where you live. Say what?? Let’s put […]

Spinal Decompression Surgery? Not So Fast…

By Steven Hefferon, PTA, CMT One of the most effective yet overlooked natural treatments for back pain and sciatica is spinal decompression. Bulging and herniated discs pressing on nerves in the spinal column have been corrected without surgery time and again. Lower back strains have been eased. Sciatica has been eliminated. Even painful arthritic joints […]

Tim Wakefield's Back Surgery

Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield underwent back surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital this week to repair a herniated disc and remove a loose fragment. Many are encouraged to hear early word the back surgery was deemed successful with 4-6 weeks of rehab to begin immediately. Starting with lower back pain, the pitcher developed weakness […]

A Rare Case of Upper Back Surgery

Upper back surgery made the news earlier this year when U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln underwent a procedure to remove part of a herniated disc which was pinching a nerve in her back. What is particularly interesting about this surgery, beside the fact it was on a sitting U.S. Senator, is how uncommon the need for upper […]

Post Back Surgery Pain? You’re not alone…

It’s not your fault that you were misled or that you once again are finding yourself in pain. And while you may think your case is unique, it is not. There certainly are a thousand different circumstances leading to back surgery… but the truth is your story has ended up just like everyone else’s….

How To Get Relief From Post-Surgical Scar Tissue

If you have recently undergone back surgery on your neck or lower back yet have failed to feel relief from pain, you may be suffering from an underlying problem. The problem with this is that many treatments fail to respond to these underlying problems. Scar tissue is a post-surgical reality, even with the least invasive forms […]