5 Killer Inversion Exercises

We’ve known for decades that inversion therapy is one of the fastest ways to get safe, natural relief from back pain. How fast? Try 10 seconds to pain relief fast. That according to a study which measured lower back muscle EMG activity — which directly corresponds to muscle pain. In those first 10 seconds, EMG […]

Are Inversion Tables Safe?

What a great question… and it’s easy to see why so many people ask it. Who wouldn’t wonder if hanging upside down is actually good for you? But the answer is, yes, inversion tables are safe. Yet there are a small number of people who may not be able to use inversion therapy. For example, […]

Are Inversions Tables Effective?

Chances are good that you stumbled upon this post because you’re in need of back pain therapy and someone you know has been raving about inversion therapy. Those glowing reviews made you wonder if inversion therapy is truly that wonderful and how you could get your hands on your very own inversion table…right? The truth […]

Dr. Oz on Inversion Therapy

Did you see the recent episode of the Dr. Oz show where he talked about inversion therapy and it’s benefits? Even traditionally trained, mainstream doctors like Dr. Oz are finally starting to catch on (but boy are they slow!) to inversion therapy for treating all sorts of back and sciatic pain. Plus, not only can it help eliminate […]