The 7 Proven Benefits of Massage

And How to Get a Lifetime of Massages for Under $100 The first thing most people think about when it comes to massage is relaxation. But massage is fast being recognized as a major player in the health tool kit to treat all sorts of problems beyond back pain, such as infant distress, cancer and much more. […]

Massage Rollers – The Top Recommended & Why

  Massage rollers are inexpensive, effective tools that reduce muscle pain. They’re also the ultimate “sleeper product” when it comes to massage for back pain. Marketing for other forms of massage therapy abound. A glamorous trip to the day spa, hours under the care of a qualified local therapist, massage chairs, massage cushions, and even […]

Scrape Away Your Back Pain With Gua Sha

People suffering from back pain, neck pain and sciatica can finally experience sweet relief with a little-known Chinese secret called “Gua Sha”. This procedure is popular in China and parts of Southeast Asia as an effective method for treating a number of diseases. In the western world, the approach has yet to become widely known. […]

Will Massage Help Your Back Pain?

Massage therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment for back pain. But is massage merely a short-term “feel good” remedy or does it actually help your back? Let’s start by remembering that most back pain begins with problems in the musculoskeletal system such as muscle imbalances and trigger points. Since massage works directly on your […]

The Case Against Massage Therapy for Back Pain…

Read this immediately if you’ve ever used massage to treat painful muscles, or plan to get a therapeutic massage anytime in the near future From the Desk of: Steve Hefferon I have a confession to make as a massage therapist. If you’ve ever gotten a massage to treat muscle-pain in your neck & back, legs […]