Dangerous Objects Left INSIDE Patients During Surgery!

and Other Way-Too-Common Surgical Mistakes “Trust me, I’m a doctor!” It’s frightening to think of the errors, mistakes, and “accidents” that happen because doctors insist on your unquestioning trust. Unfortunately, surgeons and their teams are all too human. Take the case of a woman who had surgery at Nassau University in 2008. The operating team […]

The 7 Proven Benefits of Massage

And How to Get a Lifetime of Massages for Under $100 The first thing most people think about when it comes to massage is relaxation. But massage is fast being recognized as a major player in the health tool kit to treat all sorts of problems beyond back pain, such as infant distress, cancer and much more. […]

Trigger Point Therapy

How to Self-Treat the Cause of 75% of Your Pain Do you suffer from aching “knots” in your neck, shoulders and arms, your mid and lower back, or even your hips and legs? These knots are also known as “trigger points,” and if left untreated they can become a center for irritation and inflammation in […]

Massage Rollers – The Top Recommended & Why

  Massage rollers are inexpensive, effective tools that reduce muscle pain. They’re also the ultimate “sleeper product” when it comes to massage for back pain. Marketing for other forms of massage therapy abound. A glamorous trip to the day spa, hours under the care of a qualified local therapist, massage chairs, massage cushions, and even […]

Why Are You REALLY Having Back Surgery?

  There’s a reason you’re scheduled for back surgery. Perhaps you’ve been told surgery is necessary to repair a herniated disc, fuse some troublesome vertebrae together, or some other reason. But what you may not have been told is how frequently back surgery is recommended… simply because of where you live. Say what?? Let’s put […]

How to Heal Yourself With a "Fake" Cure

  Could this be a new age of medicine? Top doctors and researchers have stumbled upon a potential cure for numerous ailments — including cancer, heart attack, and Parkinson’s disease. And no one could be more surprised than the doctors themselves. What makes their discovery so shocking is the patients who are getting better were […]

Chinese Green Tea Benefits

  By Matthew Scott Chinese green tea benefits are numerous. Most are health related, but some are cultural, especially in China – the home of green tea. Here, people drink green tea during meals to improve digestion and dissolve oil or fat in their food, and throughout the day as a refreshing beverage. Green tea […]