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10 Worst Cities for Spring Allergies

Allergy Sneeze


Are you suffering from that sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching stuffy head feeling? Hold off on the NyQuil®.

This year there’s a better than even chance you’re not suffering from a cold… it might be seasonal allergies in what’s shaping up to be a…  read more »

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3 Natural Ways to Beat Hay Fever


By Al Sears, MD

Do you know how hay fever got its name? In England, they harvest alfalfa and other grasses to make hay for winter animal feed. It’s the “dust” from these grasses that are the original cause of hay fever.

A…  read more »

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Severe Allergies? Try Helminthic Therapy…

hookworms and allergies


Spring allergy season is right around the corner. In our quest to leave no rock unturned in helping our readers discover the most effective natural remedies for allergies we uncovered a most unusual experimental therapy.

It has made a dramatic difference in…  read more »

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