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10 Power Foods That Lower Cholesterol

power foods-cholesterol


First of all, cholesterol is NOT bad like most so-called “experts” want you to believe … in fact it is essential for optimal health, especially for your brain.

The key instead is to find the right balance between the HDL (“good” cholesterol) and…  read more »

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8 Tips to Fix Your Cholesterol Without Medication


By Mark Hyman, MD

The singular focus on treating cholesterol as a means to prevent heart attacks is leading to the deaths of millions of people because the real underlying cause of the majority of heart disease is not being diagnosed or…  read more »

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Stop Artery-Clogging Plaque Before It Starts!

You might be surprised to know that by the time you reached age 10, rogue calcium molecules began gluing fatty cholesterol deposits to the inner walls of your coronary arteries, forming PLAQUE……..  read more »

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