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8 Top Natural Constipation Remedies


If you have a bowel movement fewer than three times a week, you could be constipated. While virtually everyone has experienced constipation at some point during their lives, recurring or ongoing constipation is not normal.

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How Often Should You Have a Bowel Movement?

… And the RISKS of Infrequent and Frequent Bowel Movements

If you’ve never given your bowel movements a second thought, it’s probably a sign that your digestive process is running smoothly.

Because if you suddenly become irregular, or have the opposite problem with too…  read more »

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Back Pain’s Dirty Word



It’s a dirty word, but somebody has to say it: constipation.

That’s because extra abdominal gas and fecal matter can create enormous pressure on your spine.

Think of it… if you only have one bowel movement a day, there could be as many as…  read more »

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Constipation: How to Get and Stay “Regular”



Death begins in the colon.

And constipation is a major warning sign of trouble.

Constipation isn’t just when you feel pressure to have a bowel movement but can’t go, either.

Infrequent bowel movements (three or less per week) as well as straining or a sensation…  read more »

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