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The Whacko Pill: Beware the Most Popular Prescription Sleep Aid!

Prescription drugs to treat insomnia are a $1.6-billion market in the United States, and at the helm is Ambien, the number one prescription sleep aid in America.

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8 Sneaky Habits That Make You Fat

You don’t get fat because you indulge in an occasional piece of cheesecake or order your favorite deep-dish pizza once (or twice) a month.

Weight gain is far more insidious than that. It sneaks up on you slowly

…  read more »

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Are You Highly Sensitive to Pain? It May Be All in Your Brain!

Everyone’s experience of pain is unique and while there may never be a way to really feel someone else’s pain, there may be a way to gauge its intensity.

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Surprising Cause of Back Pain – Diet

If you’ve had a chance to read my book, The 7-Day Back Pain Cure, you know that back pain is complicated. It almost always comes from multiple, interlocked causes — all of which need to be identified and addressed in order to truly treat the cause of the pain.

The hidden…  read more »

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What Is the Healthiest Position to Sleep In? (and what’s the worst?)

Sleeping is supposed to be the ultimate in rest and relaxation … yet so many of us spend our nights tossing and turning instead of slumbering. There are many factors that can disturb your sleep (like your pets, medications and the wrong bedtime snack), but one that you might not…  read more »

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Live free of osteoporosis… without drugs or even calcium supplements

Imagine walking into the doctor’s office for a routine check up, feeling absolutely fine with yourself and the world… only to be told you suddenly have a “bone disease.”

As you leave, the doctor hands you a prescription for one of the many toxic and often useless bone drugs. And by…  read more »

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Two Types of Pain

There are Two Types of Pain: Which are You Suffering From?

Though there are many back-pain conditions, such as sciatica, scoliosis, and a herniated disc, we can narrow them down to two basic categories: nerve-based pain and tissue-based pain.

You may have one or the other, or you may have both. Some…  read more »

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Six Back-Pain Myths

Six Big Myths About Back Pain

Excerpted from The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

by Jesse Cannone

You’ve probably heard several of these myths spoken as fact. Perhaps you, your friend, or even your doctor has used these personally. To treat back pain, we have to figure out and treat the underlying problem causing…  read more »

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Giants Suffered Back Pain Too!

Back pain isn’t just ancient … it’s prehistoric!

Researchers from the Berlin Natural History Museum have uncovered bad backs in dinosaurs.

The finding is the first of its kind and reveals the back pain was caused by spondyloarthritis, a type of arthritis that causes bone to grow between joints, leading to severe…  read more »

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The 6 Most Unhealthy Condiments in Your Refrigerator

I recently featured the 8 healthiest condiments to keep in your fridge. Now it’s time to tackle the bad guys … the unhealthy condiments that have no business taking up precious space on your refrigerator door.

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