One In Six Cancers Caused By This(And You Can Easily Prevent or Treat It)

Nearly two million new cases of cancer - every year - are completely preventable. Earlier this month, The Lancet Oncology published a review of 12.7 million new cases of cancer worldwide in 2008. What they discovered was a whopping one in six of those new cancer cases were directly attributable to bacterial, viral or paras … Read More

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Nature’s Little-Known Answer for Healthy Blood Sugar

Thin Belly

... And What It Can Do For Your Waistline Everyone knows the basic requirements for losing weight: diet and exercise. But did you know there’s a lot more to it than that? If you’re looking to stop your cravings for unhealthy carbs and other foods and lose weight, look no further than mastering chemistry - your body c … Read More

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WARNING: Back Pain May Lead to Alzheimer's

Discover Why... and the 2-Step Solution to Prevent It! When you think of back pain, you probably don't think of Alzheimer's. But there's growing evidence that back pain can lead to Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. If you suffer from back pain, please take the time to learn this connection below in order to avoid it … Read More

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Do You Love or HATE Your Job?

Your Answer MATTERS If You Have Back Pain!!! Do you feel stuck in a job you hate? These feelings of dread and lack of job satisfaction could be making your back pain worse … or even causing it in the first place. Researchers from the University of Western Australia found that among people who visited a doctor for back pain, … Read More

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Remedies for Back Pain:The Most Effective 3-Step Process

Conventional remedies for back pain are more expensive than effective. Take painkillers. They're the first line of defense for millions of people with back pain, but they don't fix the problem. They just give some temporary relief — until they wear off and you have to take more. Flash forward a few years. You're poppin … Read More

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The 12 Most DANGEROUS Vegetables to Beware Of…

Vegetables are the cornerstone of a healthy diet, essential for not only vitamins and minerals but also disease-fighting antioxidants, phytochemicals and more. But, ironically, some vegetables can actually poison you … Read More

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The 7 Food Additives to Beware of MOST

For the first time, more Americans than not read food labels the first time they buy a product,[i] a trend that undoubtedly reflects people’s increasing desire for healthy, "junk-free” food. But if you’re scanning the label only for information like calories, sugar and fat, you may be missing out on the most revealing inform … Read More

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