How Artificial Intelligence Will Extend Your Life

By David Kekich – CEO, Maximum Life Foundation Imagine a technology that could search and process hundreds of millions of pages of data in 3 seconds… that a human being would take centuries to accomplish. What impact do you think that would have on breakthrough nutritional supplements and safe drug discoveries? Read on to see how what […]

Is Fructose Good or Bad for You?

Fructose, a simple sugar found in fruits, honey, maple syrup and certain natural sweeteners like agave, has long been touted as a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth — at least when it’s found in natural form, such as fresh fruit. Yet, fructose may not be the healthy form of sugar that you believe […]

STILL Not Finding Back Pain Relief? Scar Tissue May Be the Cause!

If you’ve seemingly “tried everything” but still fight unrelenting back pain, there’s a good chance internal scar tissue could be the culprit. That’s because depositing scar tissue is part of your body’s natural healing process to recover from injury. Yet scar tissue can lead to restriction in mobility and build up to place painful pressure […]

6 Dangerous Skin Rashes to Watch Out For

Skin rashes are incredibly common, although they’re usually not a diagnosis in and of themselves. Many rashes are the result of an infection — fungal, bacterial or viral — while others are due to exposure to irritants, such as plants or insect bites, allergic reactions to medications or foods or even exposure to everyday items […]

Shocking NEW Prescription Drug Stats You've Got to See!

It’s been a few years since we uncovered 20 of the most shocking prescription drug statistics. If you read that article, you learned that over 100,000 people die each year from prescription drug side effects in the United States alone (and that’s just from side effects, it doesn’t include deaths from accidental mix-ups, prescribing errors […]

5 Foods That Make You DUMB

Okay, the 10 foods below don’t instantly make your brain mush when you eat them… but some come close! These foods have been proven to harm your memory, lead to dementia, create a “foggy brain,” and generally ‘age’ your brain prematurely. If you value your mind, these are the foods you should definitely nix from […]