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Chiropractic for Back Pain


Ask anyone on the street what type of natural healthcare practitioner they would call first for back pain. Odds are 9 out of 10 times they will say a chiropractor.

Yet the best chiropractors will not tell you to come see them to…  read more »

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Is Chiropractic all It’s “Cracked” Up to Be?


Was chiropractic care your first thought when you hurt your back? It

should have been. They have virtually every modality and treatment option available to them. But what do they really do?

Cracking the back, neck, hips, or virtually any joint has been and…  read more »

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Chiropractic Adjustments Trigger Stroke


All my chiropractor friends are going to just love this email….

If you’ve ever considered chiropractic care for your back or neck pain, you may want to think again. Why?

One reason is there have been several recent cases where individuals suffered a stroke…  read more »

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