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20 Shocking Prescription Drug Statistics


Prescription drug statistics … if you sought the most important facts you REALLY need to know from the prescription drug companies themselves, you of course would not find them. Drug companies have ranked as one of the top three most profitable industries…  read more »

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Prescription for Death



Is your pain killing you? It may be if you’re relying on prescription drugs to deal with it.

A brand new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week highlights a massive increase in prescription drug deaths over the…  read more »

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I Want Cymbalta



Ever see one of those drug company ads on TV or in a magazine showing happy people “getting their life back” after taking some promoted drug or another?

Let’s remember those happy people are actors – paid to make the product look good….  read more »

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“WOW! Huge difference – I stopped taking painkillers!”

After about 2-3 days on the activation dose, I noticed reduced inflammation, and my pain in my leg reduced. I’m a believer that you ‘Can’t put a price on your health’ ……  read more »

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Don’t Play “Pharmaceutical Roulette!”

Global is good. But when it comes to the international drug industry, Chinese and Indian manufacturers don’t measure up to the strict regulatory environment we Americans rightly demand for ourselves. Not altogether surprising. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supposed to protect us.Advocates of health-conscious living may not be feeling safer, but they have been vindicated in their suspicion of the FDA…….  read more »

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