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How to Heal Yourself With a “Fake” Cure



Could this be a new age of medicine?

Top doctors and researchers have stumbled upon a potential cure for numerous ailments – including cancer, heart attack, and Parkinson’s disease. And no one could be more surprised than the doctors themselves.

What makes their discovery…  read more »

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Chinese Green Tea Benefits



By Matthew Scott

Chinese green tea benefits are numerous. Most are health related, but some are cultural, especially in China – the home of green tea.

Here, people drink green tea during meals to improve digestion and dissolve oil or fat in their food,…  read more »

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Tennis Elbow Relief with Acupressure



Elbow tendinitis can bring your tennis season to a swift end.

Since the amount of elbow pain felt is directly related to how often… how long… and how hard you play tennis, serious players tend to have the worst cases of tennis elbow.

That’s…  read more »

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Top 5 Nerve Pain Home Remedies




Nerve pain hits millions of adults every year.

And it’s not just shooting pain. Sometimes it feels like an electric shock. Or like getting jabbed with pins and needles. Or burning pain.

But sometimes it’s not even “pain” so much as numbness and weakness….  read more »

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Sciatica Pain? Self Acupressure for Fast Pain Relief



Do you have a sharp pain running down the back of your leg? It could be sciatica.

One common misconception about sciatica is that it’s a physical condition. In fact, sciatica is simply a term describing that pain which can run all…  read more »

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Do-It-Yourself Chinese Medicine for Lower Back Pain


By Matthew Scott

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with its 2500 year old history, offers many lower back pain remedies – lower back stretches and strengthening exercises, massage techniques, acupuncture, herbal remedies, liniments, sticking plasters and others.

Some require a trained TCM practitioner to…  read more »

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5 Killer Inversion Exercises

Inversion Table for Excercises


We’ve known for decades that inversion therapy is one of the fastest ways to get safe, natural relief from back pain.

How fast?

Try 10 seconds to pain relief fast.

That according to a study which measured lower back muscle EMG activity – which…  read more »

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Fusion Surgery: Blowing the Whistle

spinal fusion surgery debunk



It’s time we set something straight once and for all. Back fusion surgery is crippling those with back pain. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every ten seconds in the United States, someone will go to the hospital with a back…  read more »

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Are Repressed Emotions Causing Your Back Pain?


“What are you carrying emotionally?”

When Mandy saw a chiropractor about the knot that had clenched her upper back muscles so tight that she couldn’t turn her head to the left, she expected to explain away her pain by sharing the weight…  read more »

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I Want Cymbalta



Ever see one of those drug company ads on TV or in a magazine showing happy people “getting their life back” after taking some promoted drug or another?

Let’s remember those happy people are actors – paid to make the product look good….  read more »

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