Can Hemorrhoids Cause Back Pain?

Butt Pain from HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids can cause a lot of problems. The problems form in critical parts of the body, exposing it to exceptionally harmful circumstances.

In addition to being itchy and painful, hemorrhoids halt the body’s normal functions. With all the damage hemorrhoids can do, the question remains what impact, if any, do hemorrhoids have on back pain?

To determine whether hemorrhoids cause back pain, it’s essential to look at what hemorrhoids are and how they interact with the body. Hemorrhoids can be broken down into two categories:

Internal Hemorrhoids

These hemorrhoids exist in the body for the most part. The symptoms, however, are seen outside the body. Internal hemorrhoid symptoms may be lines of blood on toilet paper or in a bowel movement released into a toilet. These hemorrhoids form from small veins which swell in the anal region. Sometimes the veins swell so much that they sag and pop outside of the anus. When this occurs, the pain worsens greatly because anal muscles restrict the blood flow. Hemorrhoids thrive on blood flow. The result is mucus-like material on toilet paper following bowel movements.

If these hemorrhoids do not heal quickly, the damaged veins can cause additional health problems.

External Hemorrhoids

With external hemorrhoids, the risk of severe conditions is elevated. External hemorrhoids progress from small smears of blood to small puddles of blood. A discomforting solid mass develops in the anal region and the hemorrhoids begin to clot.

Do Hemorrhoids Cause Back Pain?

From a scientific perspective, the link between hemorrhoids and back pain is dubious. Some have speculated that hemorrhoids require so much blood that they drain blood from other sources. Such instances they claim may cause back pain in muscular regions of the back due to a lack of blood flow.

The other possible connection between hemorrhoids and back pain is the location. People often complain of hemorrhoid pain near the tailbone because hemorrhoids grow near their tailbone. Such growths can cause sufferers to equate hemorrhoids pain with tailbone pain, thus establishing a back pain connection. Again, both connections are dubious and not scientifically founded.

Hemorrhoids, under normal circumstances, should be seen by a doctor. When hemorrhoids begin bleeding and occur outside the body, a physician should be consulted. Anal bleeding can be a symptom of more serious issues such as colon or rectal cancers.

Over-the-counter medications can be helpful at treating most hemorrhoids. The over-the-counter creams relieve pain and reduce swelling. Other treatments help external hemorrhoids without the aid of a doctor. Treatments include adding more fiber to meals, drinking more water and the hemorrhoid creams to reduce itch-inducing inflammation. These treatments have also been shown effective in treating internal hemorrhoids.

Particularly harmful cases of internal hemorrhoids may require other treatments. Tying the hemorrhoids with a rubber band can restrict blood flow, essentially stopping the hemorrhoids’ food supply. Surgery is another option for severe cases.

Either way, when suffering from both back pain and hemorrhoids, consult a doctor, but be wary of drawing conclusions about hemorrhoids causing back pain. Other underlying problems are more likely.

Gently Relieve Anal Pressure for Natural Healing

Natural Cleanse for detoxification and colon healthSince hemorrhoids often result from straining during bowel movements, loosening up clogged fecal matter in your colon and increasing your fiber and water intake can offer a highly effective, natural resolution for most sufferers.

Rather than an explosive laxative which can further inflame and irritate hemorrhoids, try a gentle-acting, natural colon cleanse.

Natural Cleanse helps restore balance to your gut microflora, softens stools with soluble fiber sourced from psyllium seed husk and uses several natural herbs and extracts to soothe GI tract inflammation. The end result: easier to pass stools, less pain and an opportunity for your hemorrhoids to finally heal.

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Written By: June 27,2011

9 thoughts on “Can Hemorrhoids Cause Back Pain?”

  1. C. Jones says:

    Internal hemhorroids do cause back pain. I have scoliosis in my lower back. I was in so much pain I could not live a normal life. I was seeing a chiropractor, going to physical therapy, and doing yoga. Before my daily bowel movements I could barely walk. Within 3 hours after the surgery my back pain was eliminated. However, I am certainly contending with the pain in the “butte”. The doctor said the hemorriods were so large that they had to come out. I waited too long for surgery.

    1. LInda Clark says:

      Thanks for the reply.. I have had some Hemorrhoids, much of my life.. This last year, I have been diagnosed
      with Spine Stenois. . I have appt with surgeon, to discuss hemorrhoid surgery. I have been concerned with the connection of the two problems.. The pain I have now, is not like it used to be.. Although, I know it will be painful, I am going to have to do something.. I more rapidly getting worse..

    2. Francesca says:

      Were having trouble deficating as well ?
      I feel like a constant pressure .
      Inflammation , after a bowl movement I feel relief every time .

  2. Sandy B says:

    I accidentally discovered what was causing my tail bone pain that had been plaguing me for months. I had a pretty bad case of Hemroids and tried over the counter CVS Brand Suppositories. I got relief within
    just a few hours of both the tail pain as well as lower back pain as well as the hemroids. This is nothing
    short of a miracle. I feel such relief.

  3. Joyce says:

    This is another recommendation of Dr. Jonathan Wright’s that I have checked out and find to be very effective. Twenty drops of SSKI in one ounce of high quality oil. Lugol’s solution is essentially the same potassium iodide preparation. I am using castor oil (when needed) but extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil or such will work well also. Saturate a cotton ball with this solution and tuck up next to hemorrhoids when ready to sleep. How nice to find no more hemorrhoids only a few days later. Tried the rubber band surgery years ago, first hemorrhoid worked well – second one a few days later ended up with rubber band slipping off the next day, replaced and slipped off again the next day – leaving me with an external hemorrhoid with an ulcer on it.

    Like Dr. Wrigth’s solution much better and seldom have to use more than once or twice per year.

  4. Ester Maupa says:

    What’s SSKI?

  5. Mayday says:

    I had a hemorrhoid to rupture internal one & medically thinking it has caused infection & back pain & pelvic pain. Im thinking from the drainage which came from the internal hemorrhoid rupturing it drained into my vagina & caused bacterial infection which has my pelvic inflamed & back hurting. GYN tested & I had bacterial infection from ruptured hemorrhoid. Now my back hurts but shall be fine after antibiotics

  6. Debra Kelly says:

    Mayday your explanation is exactly what I am experiencing now, I am afraid to have surgery as I have 2 large hemmroids and causing pain constantly. I’m hoping to find relief somehow thanks for sharing, makes me feel so not alone in what I’m experiencing

  7. Jane says:

    I have this pain on lower back left hip area. Its on the spine and at that indent of left hip sacrum area. I walk a lot at work up & down hard floor halls and most days that seems to aggravate it the most. When I get home I lay on my right side at foot of bed & twist at the hip and kinda crack it in place. Most days this works, just a little soreness. It usually flares up around the time of the month I get my period. This month period is almost done but that pain is just awful. I also think my period causes all this inflammation in areas like my sinuses and rectum cause I am prone to nosebleeds and anus gets like sore and itchy. Think maybe I have a herniated disc. Maybe its normal aging? Maybe its a sign that menopause is going to start to happen in a few years? Anyone have any similar symptons>

    Female, 31

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