Seeking Chronic Pain Relief? See This 60 Minutes Video BEFORE Choosing Drugs!

Seeking chronic pain relief? Redundant question, because OF COURSE you are if you suffer from chronic pain…

But please, before choosing any drug that your doctor might prescribe to you for the pain, WATCH this 60 Minutes video below…

We first reported on this meningitis outbreak linked to the pain drugs when it happened back in the Autumn of 2012, and then provided this update on the chronic pain drug disaster

But this important clip from the 60 Minutes television show does an exceptional job of revealing why you should NOT trust the “authorities”… the government, the drug companies, even the (usually well-meaning) doctors and health-professionals … when it comes to helping your pain or improving your health overall…

And definitely as you will see, do not trust prescription drugs…

As we’ve repeatedly reported for years in our free newsletter read by hundreds of thousands (subscribe above) — and as now even the mainstream media like 60 Minutes is revealing with this class of drugs at least — the risks and side-effects of drugs FAR outweighs their benefits…

Meanwhile, there ARE safe and extensively proven solutions that provide chronic pain relief and that can even cure they underlying causes of the pain…

After watching the video, I invite and urge you to read our #1 bestselling source of those proven solutions — a book that has helped 100,000s find permanent relief from chronic pain — The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. <== Click Here after watching the video, because I will give you this #1 bestseller FREE today!

(if you live outside of the USA you may not be able to see video above… in that case click here)

The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. <== SAFE, proven solution that has helped 100,000s find permanent chronic pain relief … yours FREE today!

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