ClickBank Program vs. our Direct Affiliate Program

We receive a number of inquires about the difference between our ClickBank program and our direct, InfusionSoft-powered program, so here’s an explanation:


Our ClickBank program pays a 75% commission on our $79 Lose The Back Pain System product (digital download version only). This is the only sale that is commissionable to our ClickBank partners and it is a one time commission per referred customer. If you want to simply promote this product only and earn a nice commission, we encourage you to participate in this program.


However, we feel our direct, InfusionSoft-powered program is potentially far more lucrative for our affiliate partners. It does pay a much lower commission on the Lose The Back Pain System ($20 per unit sold), but the following differences, we believe, far outweigh the difference in commission offered for this single product.


Advantages of our direct, InfusionSoft-powered program:


  1. 1. You will earn commissions on all our products. Click here for our list of products and corresponding commission.


  3. 2. All your referrals (both sales and registrations/leads) become hard-coded in our system as YOUR referral for the customer’s lifetime.


  5. 3. You will continue to receive commissions on all sales to your referrals for as long as they continue to buy from us. This includes our subscription and auto ship products – you earn on EVERY payment made by your referrals.


  7. 4. You will have the opportunity to offer our free book and guides. These offers attract the maximum number of referrals possible. You can pretty much assume that you can sign up ten times more referrals with these offers than you will offering only the $79 Lose The Back Pain System.


  9. 5. You will have the opportunity to tap into our vast array of winning creatives (emails, articles, banners, videos, etc.) to use in promoting our products.


  11. 6. If any of your referrals become affiliates, then they automatically become your second tier affiliates and you earn a second tier commission on virtually all their sales.


  13. 7. You’ll receive top-notch support from our dedicated Affiliate Program Manager.


We hope you’ll consider participating in our direct program.


Click here for more details about our direct affiliate program!


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If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Affiliate Program Manager, Jim Gribble at jim [at] losethebackpain [dot] com