Giants Suffered Back Pain Too!

dinosaurs suffered back painBack pain isn’t just ancient … it’s prehistoric!

Researchers from the Berlin Natural History Museum have uncovered bad backs in dinosaurs.

The finding is the first of its kind and reveals the back pain was caused by spondyloarthritis, a type of arthritis that causes bone to grow between joints, leading to severe pain and curvature of the spine in humans.[i]

The dinosaur with the backache was a phytosaur, also known as a ‘crocodile dinosaur,’ and researchers found clear signs of the inflammatory vertebral condition in its 220-million-year-old backbone.[ii] The researchers said:

“Reports of spondyloarthropathy in Paleozoic and Mesozoic reptiles are still exceptional, and our report of spondyloarthropathy in fossil material from Halberstadt [Germany] is the first unequivocal occurrence of this disease in a Triassic tetrapod and in a phytosaur.”

In case you were wondering, phytosaurs grew up to 40 feet long and they were semi-aquatic; they lived mostly in the water but could also walk on land. Phytosaurs were thought to be very similar to modern-day crocodiles, although, according to

“Fossil footprints indicate … that phytosaurs could move in a semi-erect stance on land and did not drag their tails as modern crocodiles do.”

Can you imagine a 40-foot crocodile walking (upright) your way? Their backs certainly had one heavy load to carry … but, still, who would’ve thought dinosaurs had back pain from chronic inflammation too?!

That would have been one heck of a backache (and one dinosaur I’d never want to meet!). Back then the dinosaur had no choice but to suffer through it (which may have been for a long time, since the scientists suspect the phytosaur “acquired this disease in its early life.”).

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