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New Hope For the...
Walking Wounded

FREE Book Reveals...
The REAL Culprit Behind Fibromyalgia...
How To STOP the Pain and Fatigue for Good...
And Finally Get Your Life Back...

Dear Pain Weary Friend,

Do you sometimes feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole in Alice's Wonderland—like you're caught in a web of modern medicine, handed one drug after another, never receiving the answer to your most basic question, "Why is this happening to me?"

Does it seem as if nothing is as it appears to be—"concerned" doctors give you only 7.5 minutes for your appointment? And the pharmaceutical industry—driven by record profits—is always ready with another drug to treat the symptoms caused by the last drug?

Sometimes it really can start to feel like you're trapped in a mad tea party, not knowing which door to take to escape the madness.

Finally, Healing for the Walking Wounded

If you're one of the 10 million "walking wounded" who suffer from chronic wide-spread pain and fatigue this may be the most important letter you will ever read.

Becauuse in the next few minutes I'm going to share with you the exact information that thousands of people have used to finally get their lives back.

No more agonizing pain holding you prisoner in your home. No more unbearable fatigue sapping the life out of you. No more nights spent tossing and turning because you hurt too much to sleep. No more wondering how your body went so wrong. No more wishing you could go back to the days you felt healthy and whole.

The truth is: you can get healthy again. You can regain your energy and strength. You can feel in control of your life again. Because you can heal this syndrome.

That's right. You can heal it—not just reduce it, not just relieve it, not just manage it. But actually HEAL it.

Susie's Story...

Susie, a 21-year-old college student, had developed severe fibromyalgia at an early age. It is somewhat unusual for young individuals to develop this malady, but it made total sense in Susie's case.

As a young adolescent, she had traveled outside the country with her parents. She was unaware that she had picked up a few "bad bugs" that began to set up housekeeping in her small bowel.

When she came to my clinic, she had symptoms classic to fibromyalgia and some very mild indications of possible dysbiosis... After testing confirmed this, a course of therapeutic action (as described in chapter 16 of my book) helped her overcome the dysbiosis and her fibromyalgia.

Think about that for a minute. What would it mean to be set free from the pain and fatigue that keep you from being all you want to be? What would it mean to feel normal again?

Well now you can. Thanks to Dr. Greg Fors, a brilliant physician and good friend here at Healthy Back Institute. And this is why I'm so eager to send you his incredible new book, entitled Why We Hurt: Your Total Self-Care Guide for Backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

It reveals all the details of how to reverse myofascial pain syndromes. The life-changing information in this volume is priceless—and something we want to get into your hands immediately. So I'd like to send you this meaty 398-page healing resource absolutely FREE.

Stick with me for the next 5 minutes and I'll show you how to get your complimentary copy. But first I'd like to introduce you to the crisis that drove Dr. Fors into pain research in the first place and the amazing discoveries he's made there.

Here's his story in his own words:

"I was once so severely disabled with chronic low-back pain that I had to leave clinical practice for a time. Even though I had access to some of the best resources in natural and conventional medicine, I spent much of my time in agony, flat on my back. I eventually realized that it was up to me to discover the underlying cause of my own chronic pain.

"This became even more evident and poignant when my daughter was overcome with the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia. At one point, the pain in her legs and back became so severe that she had to crawl up the stairs to her bedroom. Watching her suffer drove me back into academia to begin a three-year program to become a board-certified neurologist.

"Building upon my years of clinical experience, this process of intense study revealed to me the underlying cause of chronic pain and its effective treatment. And I witnessed the courage of a true warrior when I saw my own daughter apply what Id discovered to fight and conquer her fibromyalgia.

"Through all of this I was able to effect dramatic changes in my own experience with chronic pain. Additionally my daughter was able to heal her fibromyalgia and she is now a vibrant, active young woman, working and going to college.

"Through this very personal journey with chronic pain disorders, I have come to a deep appreciation of the suffering it causes and the importance of effective natural treatment to properly address its various causes."

Dr. Greg Fors

As you can see, Dr. Fors knows first-hand what you're going through. He understands how easy it is to feel helpless and isolated in your pain. He's been there too.

And now you can benefit from his experience, his intensive research, and his clinically proven strategies to conquer your pain for good.

Are you starting to see why you might want Dr. Fors as one of your trusted medical advisors? So do RSVP right away and get his complete healing program and the FREE copy of his book, Why We Hurt: Your Total Self-Care Guide for Backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Erase Pain and Fatigue Out of Your System

As you'll see in your free gift book, Dr. Fors has found a truly remarkable way to erase virtually any chronic pain including...

  • Nagging Mid-Back Pain
    Are you experiencing that sensation of carrying the world around on your shoulders—that nagging, irritating ache that will not go away? Because of the demand placed on the medial shoulder blade stabilizing muscles, they can develop severe, nagging myofascial pain disorders.
  • Painful Pecs
    Do you experience numbness, pain and tingling when you reach over your head or try to comb your hair? Myofascial trigger points in your pectoral muscles tend to cause pain over your chest, anterior shoulder, and sometimes down the inside of your forearm to your ring and little fingers.
  • Scalene Muscle Issues
    Do you struggle with chronic pain and numbness throughout your shoulder and upper extremities? Chances are it originates in the scalene muscles. This problem is often mistaken for carpel tunnel syndrome because of mild swelling in the wrist area, and has led to many unnecessary and unsuccessful carpel surgeries.
  • Upper Back, Neck and Chronic Head Pain
    Imagine sitting at your desk, and holding a twelve-pound bowling ball upright in your hand in a slightly bent-forward, flexed position. It wouldn't be long before you dropped the ball from pain and fatigue. But that's exactly what you're asking your upper back and neck to do every day to keep your head balanced while you're working at your desk. Over time this causes chronic pain, stiffness and headaches.

These are just a few of the chronic pain syndromes you'll find healing for within the pages of Why We Hurt.

But they're just the tip of the iceberg. Because the treatment that heals these conditions also heals wide-spread pain disorders along with the fatigue, mental fog and other symptoms that go hand-in-hand with them.

And you don't have to wait years to feel the results...

Jim Experienced Immediate Dramatic Results

Jim was a 42-year-old tractor mechanic who needed strength and flexibility in his shoulders to do his job. He'd been suffering with chronic pain for over 3 years and it had grown so severe, work was almost impossible. This spelled big trouble for his family because he was the soul breadwinner.

So Jim tried everything—NSAIDs, physical therapy, exercises, cortisone injections—nothing worked. Sound familiar?

In an exam with Dr. Fors, Jim discovered that a hidden metabolic problem was at the root of his pain. Through a simple therapy the doctor taught Jim to do for himself, and a couple of life-style changes to re-balance the metabolic issue, Jim's pain healed completely.

Jim could hardly believe how fast his pain disappeared—especially after suffering through 3 years and all the other treatments that had failed him.

It's no fluke. Jim's healing has been repeated among thousands of Dr. Fors' other patients. All because they stopped chasing the "miracle cure", quick relief andme their pain through a holistic, common sense approach.

Why Drugs Won't Return Your Health

You see, conventional medicine was designed to look for a single medical problem—such as small pox—and a miraculous life-giving drug to counteract it. But when it comes to complex pain syndromes where patients experience multiple issues there's a BIG problem with the conventional paradigm.

That's because there's much more to these conditions and your personal biology than any one drug can handle. Because of your genetic uniqueness, the drugs marketed to you don't always do what they're supposed to.

In fact the worldwide vice president of genetics at a major drug company said in a 2003 news article that "The vast majority of drugs—more than 90%—only work in 30 to 50% of the people who take them."

I don't know about you, but I don't want to put my liver or kidneys through the ringer experimenting with drugs when even the manufacturer says 9 out 10 drugs DO NOT work up to 70% of the time. Those are NOT good odds in my book!

So, if drugs aren't the answer, what is?

Well, instead of just treating the symptoms it's time to find out...

Where the Pain
is Really Coming From

If you could look with x-ray vision into that painful area of your body, way down deep into your tissues... then deeper still into the metabolic processes happening in those tissues... you would discover the underlying cause of your pain and fatigue...

Chronic silent inflammation stalking through your tissues, hyper-sensitizing your pain receptors, and creating painful trigger points all through your body.

Recent research has shown that this low-grade, systemic inflammation (also called silent inflammation because you don't see any swelling) is involved in all chronic pain and degenerative disease disorders—including myofascial pain syndromes.

John's Story...

When John first came to see me, he looked and sounded as if he was carrying the world on his shoulders. John was a 38-year-old desk worker who reported a deep ache in his mid-back, especially on his right side. The problem had gone on for years. He had tried various means to alleviate his pain: NSAIDS, rehab exercises, new mattresses, different pillows, a very expensive vibrating chair, and even some psychotherapy after becoming convinced that the pain was "all in his head."

John's frustration drove him to see me because he was ready to try anything. After doing a comprehensive neurological, orthopedic, and myofascial exam, I found the source of his problem: trigger points located deep in his rhomboid muscles and the deep muscles around his spine. These came about because his rounded-shoulder and mid-back posture from hunching over his desk has shorted his pectoralis muscles.

With intensive trigger point therapy, John began to feel immediate relief. Then aggressive stretching and postural training allowed him to bring his shoulders back and take strain off his mid-back, healing his chronic pain permanently.

John was quite frustrated and angry that he'd suffered for years with this pain. He also wondered why he had been told for years to keep taking different NSAIDs when they were damaging his gastrointenstinal tract. This eventually forced him to take another drug for gastrointestinal reflux disorder.

He was also upset when he learned recent studies indicated a possible connection between long-term NSAID use and hypertension—he'd started taking blood pressure medicine over the last year and was also on Viagra because of the side effects of sexual dysfunction caused by the blood press drug.

After years of clinical practice, seeing thousands of patients who had suffered with myofascial pain or muscle and joint problems, I know John's story to be the rule and not the exception.

The vicious cycle of myofascial pain leading to reliance on NSAIDs (e.g. ibuprofen) to get through the day, leading to drug side effects that need to then be treated with other medications is an all too-common story.

Now, inflammation in and of itself isn't a bad thing. It's really a healing response to some type of injury or infection. Certain mechanisms (called prostaglandins) turn the inflammation on when there's an assault on your tissues then turn it off when the injury or infection heals.

Sometimes, however, this healing response doesn't get turned off all the way, so you wind up with systemic inflammation that hangs on long after the original problem has healed. Eventually the inflammation can turn chronic and then you're on a slippery slope to a chronic pain syndrome.

Caught in a Vicious Cycle

Another major factor in silent inflammation is the presence of free radicals. When you have more free radicals in your tissues than your body can remove, this imbalance is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can easily cause inflammation in your muscles and joints. Then the inflammation releases more free radicals, which cause even more inflammation.

Essentially, your body gets caught in a vicious cycle.

These free radicals can come from something in your diet or your environment that sparks the inflammation and keeps it irritated. Then the inflammation continually sparks your pain receptors and over time, those receptors become hyper-sensitized into a painful trigger point in a muscle.

Get enough of these trigger points spread through your body and you've got a full-blown global pain syndrome on your hands.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that with a few lifestyle changes you can stop the oxidative stress, heal the inflammation and end the pain and fatigue—for good!

Dr. Fors gives you all the details on how to do this in his chronic pain recovery plan. You'll find the whole plan in section 4, starting on page 228, of his book, which is yours free today.

Escape a Life Sentence of Pain

In the plan, Dr. Fors tells you the culprits to look for in your environment, your lifestyle and your diet that create toxic reactions in your tissues—and lead to silent inflammation and oxidative stress. (You'll be SHOCKED when you see the things you're exposed to on a daily basis that are PROVEN culprits in chronic myofascial pain!)

In fact, let me share just one of the startling discoveries Dr. Fors exposes in Why We Hurt. It's a real wakeup call—especially because 90% of people suffering with global pain syndromes are women!

Could Your Cosmetics Be Making You Sick?

The article, "Use less Cosmetics, Suffer less Fibromyalgia" published in Women's Health, March 2004, tells us that by the time the average woman steps out of her house in the morning she has exposed herself to more than 126 different toxic chemicals through her personal care and beauty products.

A long term controlled trial with 48 women who suffer with fibromyalgia found that their symptoms significantly decreased when they reduced the use of cosmetics.

Now, understand that this study isn't saying cosmetics cause chronic myofascial pain. But the chemicals they contain will increase oxidative stress and silent inflammation—the two factors that lead to chronic myofascial pain. YIKES!

Thankfully, Dr. Fors doesn't just point out the culprits contributing to your pain. He shows you how to clean those toxins out of your system, as well as what to add back into your body to heal the inflammation and the oxidative stress.

3 Steps to Reduce
Toxic Chemicals in
Your Every Day Life

  1. 1.  Eat a healthy organic diet: To heal global pain disorders, you must receive adequate and balanced levels of (1) macronutrients—complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats; (2) fiber; (3) micronutrients—vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Without the right amounts of all three your detoxification system breaks down, leaving you vulnerable to toxins, heavy metals and endotoxins in your personal environment (all of which contribute to myofascial pain syndromes)
  2. 2.  Filter your water and air: Water pollution has been shown to have significant health implications ranging from ailments to neurological damage. Air filtering is also important as we spend 80 to 90% of our time indoors. A recent study pointed out that chemical pollutants in indoor dust and air have been associated with cancer, allergy, asthma and damage to the nervous system.
  3. 3.  "Green Up" your personal environment: A major culprit in the creation of a toxic home environment is the use of chemical-laden household cleaners and personal care products. These emit volatile organic compounds that are recognized carcinogens, suspected hormone disruptors, and toxic to respiratory and reproductive/development systems.

Get all the strategies to remove pain-supporting toxins from your life in chapter 17 of your gift volume.

Plus, he also shows you step-by-step how to remove the hyper-sensitive trigger points in your body so you can move pain-free again.

Move pain free. What an incredible, wonderful thought!

Just think what it will feel like to play a whole round of golf again.

Choosing the "best" activities for combating myofascial pain syndromes

Generally, there is no "best" activity. But remember, some activity is better than none! Choose activities that you enjoy (or at least find tolerable) and locations that are convenient to your work or home. This will make it easier for you to begin participating in them and, more importantly, stick with them over time.

When choosing activities, be mindful of your physical limitations and make adjustments to suit your needs. There are many ways to do this, including reducing the intensity of a movement. For example, if an aerobics DVD requires you to jog in place, try marching in place instead. Or if a treadmill (weight-bearing) is too strenuous on your joints, try a stationary bike or pool instead (non weight-bearing). Minor adjustments like these can make activities more comfortable so you'll be more likely to do them and get more out of them.

If you are considering adding structured exercise to your life, start with aerobic activities (walking, swimming/water aerobics, running, bicycling, etc.) These activities increase your heart rate and breathing rate, as well as your body temperature so you sweat. These are normal responses to exercise. Typically, aerobic activities lead to the greatest benefits for fibromyalgia symptoms. Think about adding flexibility training and strength training later after your body has adapted to the overall increase in activity.

10 things to remember:

  • 1.  Incorporate lifestyle activity into your daily schedule slowly. If you try to accomplish too much too soon, you are vulnerable to injury, symptom flares or falling short of your goals.
  • 2.  Beginning an exercise program is not always easy. It takes time to establish a routine and feel comfortable with it.
  • 3.  Initially you may feel more fatigued and sore following an increase in physical activity, but don't give up! This is normal. Activity-related soreness will diminish over time.
  • 4.  Your body will adapt, improve and grow if you stimulate it with physical activity.
  • 5.  If you are doing aerobic activities, you may feel slightly winded or short of breath during your workout. This is normal; hyperventilation or panting is not.
  • 6.  Every exercise program is highly individualized. What is best for one person may not suit another — chronic pain patients are no exception!
  • 7.  Refrain from strenuous activity during a symptom flare, but continue to be active. If you experience a symptom flare, reduce your exercise time by half and increase to your pre-flare level over the course of a week.
  • 8.  Your initial goals should be small and achievable, e.g., being active for five minutes daily, attending a water aerobics class twice a week, scheduling activities on your calendar and doing them when the time comes.
  • 9.  Your long-range goals can be more lofty (but still achievable), e.g., being active consistently for 30 minutes/3-4 days per week, etc.
  • --The University of Michigan

Spend a whole day at the zoo with your grandkids again. Sail through the work day again. And still have plenty of energy to enjoy the evening. No pain. No fatigue. No mental fog.

Well, why just think about it? Why not get started now? The beginning of your healing is just a click away.

The Triangle of Healing

OK, now here's the thing about conquering myofascial pain—or any chronic pain for that matter...

You certainly can heal this syndrome by following Dr. Fors advice for clearing out biochemical toxins, and removing painful trigger points. But if you want to stay healed, one more strategy must come into play.

That's the spiritual strategy—the mind/body connection. And here's where Why We Hurt separates itself from all other resources on chronic pain disorders.

You see, modern society—especially in the West—tends to divide the body, mind and spirit into separate entities. And in doing so we create a situation where true health and happiness is unattainable. That's because complete healing, sustained healing, requires the three to be intertwined and in balance.

You'll find a complete guide for experiencing this side of healing in Why We Hurt.

So I hope you will read and re-read section 5 of your gift volume. It will guide you to the emotional and spiritual healing that will support your physical healing for the rest of your life.

Baby Steps to Eat Your Way Out of Pain and Into Wellness

  If you cannot give up your ¾ pound of sugars overnight, each day you eat a few less ounces of these simple carbohydrates takes you closer to recovery.

  Shop on the periphery of your grocery store where the fruits and vegetables live; spend more time away from the center of the store where packaged, chemically- laden foods reside.

  Look for naturally colored foods that don't need an ingredient label.

Get the diet Dr. Fors recommends to his fibromyalgia patients in your free gift volume.

It's a practical, livable plan that real, everyday people can benefit from for a lifetime—no special foods, no expensive drinks, no special preparation or equipment needed.

A Partner You'll Turn to Again and Again

By now I think you'll agree, Why We Hurt: Your Total Self-Care Guide for Backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, brings truly revolutionary concepts to the struggle with chronic pain and fatigue.

  • When most doctors tell you you'll "just have to live with it," Dr. Fors shows you how to you can live WITHOUT IT!
  • When big pharma pushes pills at you to "manage your symptoms," Dr. Fors shows you how to HEAL THEM naturally and permanently...
  • When modern medicine ignores the most important strategies for sustained healing, Dr. Fors shows you how they all weave together in perfect balance for a peaceful, PAIN-FREE LIFE...

This knowledge alone is enough to make Why We Hurt an important partner you'll turn to over and over again in your fight to regain the healthy, energetic life you once knew.

But knowledge alone isn't enough. You need to know how to apply it in a real, practical way.

And that's why Dr. Fors slaved over this reference guide to bring you solid medical advice your doctor will find relevant. But written in layman's terms so it's easy for you to understand and use.

Here's a small sample of the deep well of knowledge available to you in Why We Hurt: Your Total Self-Care Guide for Backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Finally, you'll have the answers you need to conquer this syndrome and end the struggle...

  • An Uncomfortable Reality: Clarifies why conventional medicine is not the best way to eliminate chronic pain syndromes, and how to put yourself in the driver's seat of your own healing
  • The Problem With Pain: Proves the connection between chronic pain and chronic disease, and the role silent inflammation plays in both
  • The Fallacy of Pain Relief: Uncovers where most chronic pain and disease come from and how the foods you eat effect them
  • Our Fantastic Fascia: Explains what fascia is and why it can become chronically painful
  • The Smoldering Fire of Chronic Inflammation: Spells out the nature of free radicals, oxidative stress and their effects on the metabolic balance of your body
  • The Painful Side of Sweetness: Exposes how our nation's sugar addiction drives pain disorders
  • Our Injured Earth, Your Injured Self: Uncovers the devastating effects every day environmental toxins have on our bodies and their role in fibromyalgia
  • How It All Comes Together Neurologically: Describes how metabolic imbalance blows into painful trigger points in your muscles and leads to global pain disorders
  • Self-Care 101 for Myofascial Pain Syndromes: Offers strategies to eliminate trigger points (gives directions for every part of your body)
  • Eating Your Way Out of Pain and Into Wellness: Gives you a healing diet for chronic pain disorders
  • Spice Up Your Healing: Shows you how to heal your pain with everyday herbs
  • Conquering Maldigestion, Food Alergies and Dysbiosis: Illustrates the relationship between your digestive system and chronic pain, and how to reverse poor digestion
  • Strategies to Enhance Detoxification and Energy Production: Gives you specific steps to clear out your system, reduce free radicals, and boost your vitality
  • From Chronic Regional Pain to Fibromyalgia: Proves it's not all in your head, it's in your brain and spinal cord! Comprehensive wellness strategies show you how to heal your pain and restore your energy
  • The Body/Mind Connection to Pain and Suffering: Confirms the source of our suffering and how to build emotional strength along with physical strength
  • Perennial Wisdom's Path to Healing: Provides you the spiritual strategies for long-term health
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness and Gratitude: Reveals how un-forgiveness and un-gratefulness destroy our peace and shows you how to open yourself to true happiness and healing for the rest of your life

Arm yourself with this cutting-edge medical reference and you can approach your healing with the power of scientific knowledge behind you...and approach your doctor on a level playing field.

Even better, these concepts have been broken down into 6 specific steps that will lead you to complete healing from chronic global pain.

But best of all... it's yours FREE!

What Experts in the Field Say About Why We Hurt

Mary Swander, L.M.T., author "The Desert Pilgrim: En Route to Mysticism and Miracles" Professor of English-Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Finally! A holistic, comprehensive book that not only understands pain but shows you what to do to alleviate it. Dr. Fors sets out a thorough program--physical, nutritional and spiritual--that guides the reader through the layers of healing. Why We Hurt is a godsend to all of us who have suffered with chronic pain. This book should be on the shelf of every massage therapist in the country and in the hands of all their clients.

Thomas F. Bergmann, D.C., F.I.C.C. Professor, Northwestern Health Sciences University Co-author, Chiropractic Technique

"Dr. Fors' book, "Why We Hurt" is the most detailed, thoroughly peer-reviewed and evidenced-based guide for understanding the biochemical, physical and spiritual roles in sickness and in health available to date. It is written for both the practitioner and the "walking wounded," providing information addressing the cause and treatment of chronic pain in its many forms. I whole-heartedly recommend it!"

W. Karl Parker BA DC FICC FACC President, Parker Resource Institute & Karl Parker Seminars Past President, Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation & Parker Chiropractic College

"Why We Hurt" is an excellent, well-organized and understandable complete guide to a science-based natural approach to chronic pain. It inspires people not to just seek pain relief, but to heal their pain. It is not only an excellent self-help book for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, but a primary reference guide for the health care professional for understanding and treating the neurological and metabolic causes of chronic pain. "Why We Hurt" certainly has my heartiest recommendation."

From Publishers Weekly

This compassionate investigation into the multiple factors leading to pain disorders and the conditions associated with them should be required reading for health-care providers, patients with chronic pain and their families. According to neurologist Fors, patients with such disorders, from back pain and arthritis to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, frequently experience allergies, headaches, digestive problems, anxiety and depression, leading many physicians to equate chronic pain with chronic patient rather than hunt for a constellation of cause and effect.

Fors identifies primary culprits: the typical American diet, laden with sugar and saturated fats and low on nutrient-dense whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and fish; anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS); environmental toxins; and physical and psychological stress. By making positive lifestyle changes, Fors says, even patients who are suffering most severely will decrease their pain enough to then release neuromyofascial lesions (NMLs, or pain-causing trigger points) that have formed in the fascia (connective tissue) that encases muscle tissue and connects muscles to the rest of the body. In an extensive section on self-care, Fors instructs readers on how to manipulate NMLs; subsections with diagrams map trigger-point locations in specific areas of the body.

Here's How to Get Your Complimentary Copy

There's just no doubt about it. The science is in. Men and women like you have already experienced dramatic healing from fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, myofascitis, repetitive strain injury, tendonitis, bursitis, muscle-tension headaches, migrains, atypical fascial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, neurovascular entrapment, osteoarthritis and a host of other chronic pain conditions.

Dr. Fors led them to their healing and now in Why We Hurt: Your Total Self-Care Guide for Backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia he'll lead you to yours!

You can get your complimentary copy rushed to you right away when you order our brand new audio program entitled The Fibro Fix: How to Heal Win The War st Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Fors, we get down to the nitty gritty advice to eliminate the culprits behind your pain and fatigue, and jumpstart your healing including:

  •   How to recognize this "mystery" condition and get a clear diagnosis if you suspect you have it...
  •   The critical clues most doctors miss in this syndrome that could keep you trapped in pain for life
  •   The culprits around your home and in your diet that are proven contributors to chronic pain disorders ...
  •   How to clean out your body and your environment to heal wide-spread pain syndromes...
  •   Simple spices and great tasting foods that will help you conquer silent inflammation and oxidative stress...
  •   How to reverse hyper-sensitive pain receptors and say good-bye to chronic pain
  •   The "bad bugs" found in patients with this syndrome—and how to get rid of them with a quick trip to the grocery store...
  •   And the step-by-step plan that pulls it all together and delivers the healing you've searched for so long...

But I know you won't... because there's no way you could listen to the life-changing information shared on this audio program and in the book and not experience significant improvement.

So put Fibro Fix and Why We Hurt: Your Total Self-Care Guide for Backaches, Headaches, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis and Fibromyalgia to the test for a 60 full days.

Discover for yourself the unprecedented knowledge and real-world plan Dr. Fors shares to speed your healing. And if you're not convinced they'll help you achieve the healing you've been searching for, just return the audio program and the book and we'll return your money (less shipping), along with our best wishes for a pain-free future.

Your search is over.
Start your healing today.
To Your Good Health,

Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS, MFT

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